Ok, I have noticed that we have a section on our profile that says "Avatar"

How do you add one in there, does anyone know???

I'd like to add this:


Beware if you look at that site further, for some reason I got my virus protection telling me that my computer got the Trogen virus!

That link is ok cuz I check it again!

I've changed it to just show the picture, it's alot safer!

Hopefully no one got the Virus! Whew! :frowning: :oops: :cry:

i do not see a section for avatars.

if you check on Profile, it says Avatar but nothing below.

Like the pic? :wink:


Pretty good. Excellent lighting effects.

YOU SUCK!!! :twisted:


I tell y'all why I picked this one later when I use it as my Avatar.

when are those avalable!!!???

Thanks, it is a bit bright isn't it?! :wink:

I recamend that CM or whoever is the webmaster on this site, that an Avatar of the "Master Cheif" form the Video Game "HALO". I find a really bad ass one for you! :wink:

Hikaru No Go :smiley:

Isnt too big for an avatar?...

Avatars brings nothing more to a forum, except slowing everything down.

I'm glad not one overabuses the signature feature and that there is no avatar. Too much gadgets make the forum less readable.

…I agree…besides, the mods probably wouldn’t allow an avatar of an EE sticker over the crack of my ass…ew, gross…

Somewhat, just a wee bit, but I was referring more to the shadowy qualities. Did you do it?

Also, in case anyone is wondering, size does not matter in forums, as Avatars which break size regulations are condensed automatically. (In some cases).

avatars bring less confusion, easier to see who's talking, which would be a godsend here cuz the writing is real small. and to see who cheers for what team right away, it brightens up the place, just good things.

No, I didn't do the pic, I not that much of an artist! :wink:

So you know about Hikaru do you? it's and great anime and manga!

there is also an anime based on Griniron footy called "Eyeshield 21", I have only read the frist manga and hopfully there will be a reference to the CFL in the story cuz the main charicther (I can't remember his name at the moment :oops: ) I think would be better at playing pro in the CFL than NFL cuz of his size.

I'd debated wherether to have a pic of that or Hikaru who looks a little like me except I'm older and fatter :oops: . He's also what I picture my future son to be, whom I'd like to give the Japanese name "Hikaru" which kinda sounds like "Kangaroo" and the English name "Roger".

lolz...Hikaru is a great anime and manga. However, the ending was so disappointing because it was discontinued(the author was working on another manga...something about ice skating).
Yes!, i know about Eyeshield 21...the name of the main character was Sena...As you can see, I love animes or mangas :oops: . Yes! he would be a good addition in cfl...so much for reality :stuck_out_tongue:. Now, if only we could train our players as water boys...maybe they will run faster.
Hikaru is a good name :smiley: . My future son's name would be Syao...(its from Syaorons name :wink: )

lolz…I was also shock when I found out. You dont know Syaoron?..hehe
Anywayz, Sena as an avatar?..I think ill pass :wink: There are many more great avatars out there. I mean good looking :oops: .

If we do have avatars, etc. at this site I hope they are strict with their policies.

If not, I want this as my avatar: