Available QB

Kolton Browning 6’3’’ 210lbs QB #15
NFL-Dallas Cowboys (2014)
FXFL-Brooklyn Bolts (2014)
CIF-Mesquite Marshals (2016)
40 yard dash time=4.56

Career highlights and awards
Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt (2010)
All-Louisiana Second Team (2010)
Louisiana Freshman of the Year (2010)
Freshman All-American College Football News(2010)
All-Louisiana Second Team (2011)
Second Team All-Sun Belt (2012)
All-Louisiana Second Team (2012)
Sun Belt Offensive Player of the Year (2012)
During his career he threw for 10,263 yards and 81 touchdowns. He finished his career with most TD passes and is second in passing yards, completions, and attempts at ULM. Also rushed for 1545 yards on 558 Attempts 18 Rushing TDs

CFL teams may be wary of Browning's commitment level as left the Bombers a couple years back to pursue a coaching opportunity.

You can’t be serious.

Reminds me of those “goalie available for rec league” ads.

He is currently playing arena football in the CIF for the Mesquite Marshals and Edmonton Eskimoes have been showing alot of interest. He is committed to playing. Winnipeg brought him in late for training camp and was having him run scout team DB that is why it didnt work out there for him.

the Bombers signed a QB prospect to run scout team analytics?

sounds very unusual.

According to his bio, he was with Winnipeg and then left to take a coaching position. He signed with Mesquite to be their QB for the 2016 season. Has some impressive stats and was the Sun Belt "player of the year" in 2012.
He's the top rushing QB in the CIF league
I love some of the names in this league - Omaha "Beef" and the Dodge City "Law"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolton_Browning http://www.mesquitemarshals.com/ http://stats.gocif.net/2016stats/confldrs.htm

FXFL? the special effects football league... :stuck_out_tongue:

what does his agent say? They have the contacts

Every CFL team had camps throughout the states. If this guy really wanted to play, he'd have gone to a camp.

The FXFL was the poor mans UFL. The he UFL was the poor mans XFL

hard to go to a camp on a game day

Comes down to where your priorities are at, my friend.

Show up for a pro camp or show up for your rec league "game day".

That sucks. But I'm not sure what can be done about it. Guys gotta pick where he wants to try and play.

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Isn't it "game day" today?

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The Als should sign him. I think they could use another QB in training camp.

No they play on Saturdays. Most of the CFL camps were on a saturday.