available foods at your Stadium

So, what kind of foods are available to buy when you go to a football game at YOUR stadium? :slight_smile:

at Commonwealth we have two classes of foods available.

the concourse foods and then there's the west and east side concessions.

the reason I say two class levels is that if you buy a hamburger or hot dog on the main concourse, they're crap.

but if you go into the concessions that were recently added a few seasons ago, the quality of the food goes way up!

So they offer Nachos with cheese, hamburger, Hot dogs, foot longs, kubasa's, the Burgers range from beef to turkey to Steak I believe.

you can get licorice, candy, Beer of course.

there's pop, alcohol, coolers, they even have a place you can get alcoholic mixed drinks made up.. so if you like a Rum and Coke or Vodka and some other concaucion (sorry for spelling) made up, they'll do it for you.

they also offer mini donuts.

they do NOT sell peanuts.

what about your stadiums?

Overpriced garbage. For a mere $15 you can get popcorn, a pop and a hotdog! What a deal!

that's nice but I was looking for more detail as to what options are available..

I wanna see if anyone sells like potato chips in large bags.

At BC Place where were a lot of options. Pizza, Chinese food, peanuts, different types of candy and chocolate bars, chips, hotdogs, a few types of hamburgers.
There's likely even more than that but I never eat at games, I can't justify the price.

I agree, especially at BC Place. Cold food, warm watered down beer. Both over priced. Instead of wasting our money at the stadium we have a "Pre-game Dinner" at one of the great eating places around BC Place. Unless I get hoarse from yelling and purchase a Soft drink, I don't buy anything at BC Place. After the game, Shark Club or The Dog Pound for food and drinks. Sky train allows you a few drinks without getting stopped by the Queens Cowboys.

At Quest field they have Garlic fries they are delicious but wont make you the most popular guy on the drive home

So make some nice sandwiches and put them in a zip log bag and take them to the game with you.

The couple that sits a few rows down from us brings a backpack full all sorts of snacks. I've seen them with beef jerky, pepperoni sticks, pickles, popcorn. I'm waiting for them to pull out a cotton candy machine and start whipping up cotton candy or a hot dog roaster and serve up some dogs. :rockin:

We normally get frisked pretty good going into Empire or BC Place. Part from people smuggling booze in but I'm sure the main driver is people bringing in food, which would reduce how much people buy in the stadium.

Haha! I've seen alot here at Molson Stadium in Montreal. Chips with dip (sour cream and chives) I may add. 2 litres of soft drink with the plastic cups. Loaf of bread, meat, and mustard it looked so good i was going to ask the guy to make me one. Hummus with veggies...I can go on and on!

Ivor Wynne sells spongy hot dogs and soggy poutine.

I usually eat a big meal before I leave or pack a couple of sandwiches and eat them on the shuttle bus on my way to the game or while waiting in line to get into the game. They check bags at the gate, so it's hard (though not impossible) to get your own stuff in.

At the SkyDome they have a HUGE selection of crap. All over-priced. I don't understand why anyone eats at the game. There's so many great restaurants and sports bars around the SkyDome, I don't see the point of buying the junk they sell.

Reminds me of what happened at one game , It was on a friday game so we were rushed for time . ordered 2 hotdogs chips and a large Pepsi to share with my son . while handing the money over I knocked the whole Pop over the Till counter on the person total accident but the panic from all the staff was quite humorous . the girl who hardly spoke English refilled my cup and tried to charge me for a 2nd pop I laughed and said if she did that I will spill this one too. she recanted and I just left . they did get the last laugh though as the Hotdogs were cold and soggy . Now we just go to the costco right by rogers center . they have some good deals on food .

As long as it's in a see through bag they should give you no trouble.

HA! Not here. You can't even bring in water. Seriously! They made us dump it out and we had to find a water fountain inside the stadium.

Nobodies really brought up Mosaic now I may not be the one to speak because I only go to around 2 games a year (home opener and Labour Day Classic) but when I went it was a pretty sorry excuse for a consesion (IMO) the floor I was on under the Roof, Burgers were being sold on a foldable large plastic table with a grill in the back for a bout 5 bucks each + water. NOT EVEN POP :thdn: Looked around for a consession and actually found one that sold chips or popcorn but had to go down a floor :expressionless:

that must be in the upper level of the west side I've always been on the main level west side, they have differnt concessions for differnt things. First booth on what i would call my left is popcorn, Large Pretzels, Bottled Pop and Water, Spitz, and peanuts i think. the next concessions sells hot dogs, hamburgers popcorn, hot choclate, coffee, pop (bottled or tap), water, in the winter games they were selling a chilli on a bun, which looked really tasty but a little small for $5. past that they have the outdoor grill which like saskfan said is a couple of grills with plastic tables, however i've always seen both pop and water here as well as a really tasty bratwurst or a hamburger (however it seems to me the ones they make on the practice feild taste better for some reason). Past that they have a concession with western pizza were they serve pizza, elephant ears, poutine, i believe they sell chicken fingers, lots of stuff there.

before the game they also have a few places on the practice field, my favorite of which is a little kiosk that sells pulled pork sandwiches, they are overpriced at $7 but i really enjoy the flavour so i fork it out. they also have riblets and poutine at another place as well as the grill with the hamburgers and bratwursts.

I know where I'm getting my tickets for the next game :lol:

Actually you can bring in snacks,liquids are a different matter as they may contain alcohol or worse. they will do this at every stadium could be something similar as trying to get on an airplane with more then 1oz of liquid.

In addition to this main level food, on the next level up they have the smokin okies booth which has the above mentioned pulled pork as well as beef on a bun, and i think they have smokies too. It is really good, but like slightlyheavy says a little pricey at $7ish. Two years ago they had a ukranian place there with perogies and kobasa. mmmm kobasa. But Smokin Okies took their place.