I am happy that my seats will finally be opened this weekend, but one major question remains for my Dad and I: Will the elevators be working to get us up there? If not, my Dad can’t get up the stairs and we will have to try and exchange or miss the final game.

Contact your ticket rep :wink: They will take care of you.

I am in the same boat. My Mom is thrilled that she will finally get to see the new stadium, however, she also needs that elevator. I was told by my Ticat rep to see a C.A.T. team member if there is a problem. I guess we better get there early!!

PhillyCanuck - can you post if you hear anything different?

could also try tweeting at the official ticats twitter or scott mitchell's twitter.

they're both pretty good in responding to questions

Why are you asking other fans here who don't know any more than you do? Call the Ticats office and ask them.

This is part of an email received October 24th. To date, I have not received any notification to the contrary. Double checking with the Tiger-Cats is a good idea.

"ONSS (the builders of Tim Hortons Field) have informed the Tiger-Cats that the Upper West section (Level 6) will be OPEN for the Saturday, November 8 Ticats home game versus Montreal. Kickoff is at 4 p.m.

As a season seat holder in the Upper West section, you will get to experience your seats, along with accompanying elevators, concession stands and washrooms - all of which will all be operational for this game."

Just received an email, and although it does not explicitly say so, it appears that elevators may not be ready.

The email indicates you can walk to your seats via stairs, and if you have a hard time with that, you have to call the Ticats.

So somehow, the elevators don't seem ready. Unless I am misreading it, why would we need to call the Ticats for them to tell us to use elevators if they are ready?

For those with mobility issues, I hope that you can be accommodated some how. Maybe they will ask someone with lower level but equivalent seats to switch?

That's a long climb for the 70 something (year old) legs of my wife and I. Who do we sue if one of us catches a heart attack(LOL)
Four elevators to convey 10000 fans would obviously take a long time. I can't believe no escalators were designed in which would be less expensive than elevators and carry more people in less time as seen in smaller facilities, the Copps, f'rexample.


probably beacuse those escalators would be exposed to the elements during the winter. Snow and Ice and thawing going on with all those moveable parts just sounds like a headache. How many outdoor escaltors do you see? Not many. Even the Rogers Centre doesn't have any.

king10 - hmmm, reasonable answer -
but in those huge NFL stadiums, do all those people really climb stairs to those elevations?

Most stadiums like the Rogers Centre and the North side in Ottawa have them long ramps, no stairs.

I've seen the one in Ottawa, it's like a giant square corkscrew, which while it may be less of a grade then stairs, it's a much greater distance. Rogers Centre ramps almost make me concerned for anyone on a manual wheelchair. Those are big and long ramps at a decently steep incline. If the brakes failed on the chair, I'd be concerned with someone getting hurt.

I feel sorry for those with mobility issues. Even if you switched to a lower level there are still stairs involved if there are no elevators (at least on the west side). Hopefully anyone in this situation can be accomodated by the Cats. Please call them sooner rather than later if you might have any difficulties. It would be easier for them to help you.


I have been quite a few NFL stadiums and they have escalators and elevators as well as ramps to various levels.
Most, if not all, NFL stadiums have special gates for disabled fans to enter and then have various forms of aid for the fans.

Apparently there are operational elevators available for those who need assistance to get to the top of the West side.

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