Autry Denson

Been watching the Showtime documentary "A year with Notre Dame football" and noticed Ex Alouette RB Autry Denson (2004) in now the Running Back Coach at his Alma Mater. Judging by their running game using a number of different backs, he looks like he's doing a great job.

Hope that CJ Prosise successfully completes the concussion protocol. Hope to see him running through Wake Forest's D this Saturday.

Go Irish!

Autry a-t-il un quelconque lien de parenté avec Moses?

Considering they are playing with their 3rd string QB and RB, their schedule. Their record is nothing short off amazing. They have a chance at finishing between 2 and 4th Nationally. Quite a few of their senior class would look good in an Alouette uniform.

The Shamrock Series game against BC (Boston College) is only broadcast on NBCSN this weekend, and may simply not be available live, unless I find out how to stream the game live.

I just phoned Notre Dame. The Athletic Department told me that if I wasn't successful finding a live stream, they would send me - free! - a DVD of the game!

Now, that's how to do business!!!!! Als organization - take note. I can give you their number if you want!