Automatic review of all touchdowns

Looks like this might be a go ahead for this year. I think it is an excellent idea really since the review process has become expediated as the league has become more comfortable with doing it.

CFL hopes to video review all touchdowns

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Good recommendations as far as helmets coming off; hope that a great play is not blown dead when the ball carrier darts through the D-Line then his helmet flings off.

If his helmet flings off darting through from just a little light glance to his head from an opponent as part of normal contact in football, he'll learn quick to tighten up the chinstrap(s) properly. And if it comes off once he's done that with an illegal type hit to the head, it'll be a penalty. Helmets shouldn't normally just come off with ordinary action.

According to Steve Milton at the Spec, all scoring plays are going to be automatically reviewed, right down to the singles. Isn't that a little excessive? How much review needs to be done for scoring plays off of kicks and punts? I sincerely hope this doesn't slow down the game too much.

I can’t really see the review of singles, extra points, field goals or safeties taking that long so I see no problem there. I’m glad though that the CFL is reviewing all plays and helping put an end to dubious converts and touchdowns.

I can’t really say I disagree with anything as far as the helmets are concerned, it’s a good rule to have but I think making better helmets would be preferable.

I think it's a good idea to review all scoring.
It's another eyes in the house.

I was hoping for an automatic penalty for helmets coming off.

That's very true Earl; IMO I think it was more of a manufacturer/design/chin strap problem. I expect to see a significant change as far as helmets popping off though for this season.

I doubt they'll review every single scoring play. The NFL introduced the same thing last season, and it didn't slow down the game because they only reviewed the close calls.

Yeah I don't see it affecting the pace of the game aside from the "close calls" and I'd much rather we take 5 minutes (it won't even be that long) and get the correct call considering we already have the technology available.

I'm not a huge fan of the helmet thing though. I understand player safety and all, but at some point players should take their own precautions. Look on any CFL play how many players improperly wear their helmets. They should first start by doing them up properly, that way helmets wouldn't be popping off all the time.

From last year it seems the players are incapable of taking care of themselves so the league has to step in. Unfortunately, I don't know how the commentators will spend their time now. Counting how often the mouth guard comes out.

IMO, it's not the scoring plays that need reviewing.. it's the scoring plays that are NOT called a score that need reviewing.. basically a scoring play is pretty cut and dried!

I hate how the NFL does auto reviews. Waste of time.

Agreed. The close ones where the on-field calls are no score need to be reviewed as well. A non-score also has a great impact on the outcome of a game, Mr. Higgins.

And this rule shouldn't cause much delay the way reviews are done in the CFL, unlike the under-the-hood reviews in the NFL.

Agree with the non-calls that are close to be reviewed. And the hood thing needs to go in the NFL as well, for a league with the money they have they should be able to do what the CFL does.