automatic ejection

The Bombers had hoped the league would suspend Dwight Anderson for his dirty body slam on Jamie Stoddard. That didn't happen, but on the CJOB pre-game show of the Bomber / Lion game it was reported that Doug Berry got a reply from the league saying that anyone who does anything like Dwight Anderson's body slam of Jamie Sotddard or Diamond Ferry's body slam of Charles Roberts will automatically be ejected from the game from now on. It is good that these players will be automatically ejected from the game as this has NO place in a football game.

Bob Irving was questioning on the pre-game show why AJ Gass got a 1 game suspension for throwing a helmet nowhere near anyone, while Dwight Anderson injured Jamie Stoddard for a good month with a horribly dirty play and was not suspended. Both deserved to be thrown out of the game, but what makes Gass deserve a suspension more than Anderson?

That's an interesting point. Anderson's infraction, in my opinion, was far worse.

I don’t know about worse…just different.
I agree the body-slams must go. But that is something that occurs during a play and deserves a penalty, just as do spearing, or roughing the passer.
What Gass did was not a football play, and it reflects upon the image of the league.
Things like that cannot be allowed either.

Gass is going to play this weekend, he has chosen, with the Esks, the abritrator route.. I guess the suspensions that the CFL hands out are useless...what a joke

I'd say body slamming someone negatively reflects on the CFL, as well. This is the CFL, not the WWE.

I don't think throwing the helmet is automatically a suspension. Both infractions (now) will result in ejections, and as I understand it ALL ejections are reviewed by the league for supplemental discipline. Once a body-slam ejection gets to League Office, a precedent will be set as to whether or not (or in what circumstances) a suspension would be handed down.

I agree with Arius, Anderson's was a tackle taken just a little too far, Gaas really has no excuse for a helmet toss.

Throwing a helmet, in my opinion, shows a lack of repect for the game itself.

As for the "body slam", things happen like that. It is a physical game.