Autographed Rocky Butler Jersey For Sale on Ebay

If any of you CFL fans are interested in purchasing a near-mint autographed Butler 3rd Jersey of the Riders, please check it out on Ebay. Only 60 bucks canadian starting price.


[url=] ... RK:MESE:IT[/url]

god, I love the Riders Thirds, turley old school CFL jerseys, you gotta love it!!!

.....near mint, never used, worn in 18 games last season.....

Unless you're talking about the real Rocky Butler, then you're wrong. I've worn it to some games yes, but that's all the use it's had.

lol, R&W...

goriders, so you mean you actually paid for a Rocky Butler's jersey in the first place?

Maybe it means they will pay you 60 bucks to take it off their hands…

You got to be kidding me! If it was his jersey it would be cleaner then the kickers jersey's

I can't believe it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe it’s Butler himself that’s selling it…he needs the money.

I was just looking at his stats from last year: do you realize that, despite throwing just one pass all season, he fumbled TWICE?

Williams latest bid on E-BAY was $1026.00 U.S.