Autographed Ricky Williams Argo jersey on eBay

I just received the latest newsletter from the Argos', and the Double Blue has an autographed RW jersey on eBay. The auction ends June 10 and at the writing of this message, the highest bid is $300 US.

I know that's out of the price range for most of us north of the 49th, but if the buzz from the States is truly legit, it'll be interesting to see how high it goes. The auction can be found at:

[url=] ... 8821116861[/url]

as i said in a diff thread...i got rickys autograph yesterday on a football...i wonder what that'd be worth?...altho im not selling.

If you are interested in "value" of signed footbals, game jersey, tradind cards, you can always have a look at Beckett website (

I saw some jerseys signed by Ricky Wiliams for around 300U$.

On EBay, if the demand is there, the price can skyrocket !

It was at 365 U$ @ 7:20am today.

it is now at 550.00 U.S.

$701.00 U.S.

And then, we wonder why NFLers who come here think they are bigger than the game.

How's the Rocky Butler auction doing?... Any bidder? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will get 1 for free. And the NFL players come here thinking that they are bigger than the game because they have been taught just that. And some Canadians believe that as well.

Just Wondering If Anyone Knows Whether Or Not The Signed Argo Jersey Is Going For More Then If It Was A Miami One.

Probably, because there must be tons of Miami's Williams jerseys, whereas this one is unique... well, for now.

your green eyes are flashing. :lol:

Do you imagine I could ever let an Argos jersey finds his way to my place? :o

…Opposing teams jerseys are pretty handy to wipe up spills…I have an Eskimos jersey in the garage for such occasions…

] :lol: :lol: :lol:

That would be like a CFL version of that poem “The Sweater.”

Argos jersey now $882.16
Dolphins jersey signed $89.99

Thanks For The Research SaskPower.

That's Crazy That An Argo Jersey Went For 10 Times That Of It's americian Counter Part. And There's Still Another 9 Days Of Bidding.

What must be your self-esteem when adding your signature to something makes its value goes from ordinary to unaffordable?

Heck, I add my signature to every check I sign and they're not worth 882$!

Any One Got Any Predictions On What The Final Price Is Going To Be? Right Now I'll Guess $3200.

I'd expect the bids to get slower as the price will get steeper. Not too many people can spend thousands of dollars on a jersey.

I'd say 1200$


Anyone Know What The Bidding Has Reached At This Point? Should Be Four Days Left If I'm Not Mistaken.