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Well in a bit of good news, though there will be no fans allowed as I think is also a great move now, in Indianapolis there are 3 auto races this weekend and all will be televised.

Indy car is on Saturday and NASCAR is on Sunday.

It's like the Memorial Day weekend we did not have this year.

Prefer Formula 1 myself.

Missed the Canadian Grand Prix though.

Me too for Formula One and the coverage in the US in recent years via Sky re-broadcast via ESPN, instead of our local fools trying to learn on the fly a week before, is superb

Such was a long time coming!

Now I guess we watch on Sunday for the restart of Formula One in Austria too.

The Austrian Grand Prix was entertaining, and Lewis Hamilton what a cheat and some awesome karma stung him in the end bwah ha ha ha! :laughing:

The star of the show was Lando Norris who reached the podium by posting the fastest lap of the race on the very last lap so as to trounce that arrogant Hamilton!

And then to compound karma's insult, Ferrari lands in Hamilton's spot on the course before his 5 second penalty too!

Well for F1 as stated by winner of the Styrian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton, which was the second race on the same track in Austria, well I like this program of two races per course.

As Hamilton advocated, why not? Who does not like a rematch!?

Watched the Indy race on Sunday, I thought it was quite good. Always good when the race comes down to the last couple of laps.

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I highly recommend the coverage of Formula 1, which I think is better than ever from the time they show the starting grid to the finish line

Sky Sports does a fantastic job, and the race and camera work are outstanding all over the track.

Record the race if you cannot watch it all, and it makes for relaxing viewing on summer nights night before sleep too.

It's not like there is much else on late at night, except for bad news and baseball now, until the NHL restarts in August.

And there are two Canadian drivers in the mix of 20 also.

Formula 1 returns for 2 weeks straight in the UK on Sunday!

Formula 1is the best auto racing circuit in the world.

No other comes even close.

Too bad about the Canadian Grand Prix though.

Hopefully they will be back next year.


Plenty of Formula 1 is at hand going into September after the next race, the last Sunday in August, in Belgium.

I record the races on Sunday morning so I can watch at my own pace later. Most of it is rewinding not forwarding.

It's all Mercedes to lose.

I am not a fan of DRS at all. What a gimmick.

And nowadays, are all chassis the same? How long has that been the case if so?

I had only started following anew in 2018 and then not as much as now.

Great month of Formula One at hand with Italy for two weeks!

Formula 1 returns and is in Russia on Sunday.

Watch for Canadian Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll
He had a 2nd place podium finish a couple weeks ago in Italy

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No doubt I have been watching Stroll for sure. He's really good like his teammate Perez, who is headed over to Ferrari next season.

Formula 1 action in Germany tomorrow - maybe it's a more exciting circuit than in Russia.

DRS - I don't care for it when the car ahead can't use it too. What a gimmick. Otherwise if both or all 3 cars involved can use it, I like it.

Tires - For teams who opt for 2 tire changes, I don't agree with the rules that they practically must use all 3 kinds of dry course tires. Most teams are on a one-stop strategy, but the timing of yellows or hot track conditions or tire deficiency or increased action introduce more variables. So if a team wants to make a second pit stop, allow them any new set of tires or if course they can put on used ones too. The odds are already against them enough as it is.

Paola_ X, I believe the rule is that during the race, F1 teams must use two sets of dry tires, not three, which allows for a “one stop strategy”. My son is a F1 nut, especially Ferrari, so we have attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on three occasions. You cannot appreciate the speed and noise until you see one of those suckers go by at full throttle. At our first race, the car was pretty past us before we realized it. You “feel” the roar as much as hear it!

Oh yes I know that rule, which is a base rule.

My comment pertains when for the longer circuits, or dependent on variables, a two-stop strategy is needed.

Ferrarista here all my life too! And I have been to one Formula One race in September 2000 when they held it in Indianapolis.

That's where I grew up where we went to see the cars every year for the Indianapolis 500, which was a better spectacle until about 1995.

Formula One is back and in Germany on Sunday. Enjoy!