Authorities investigate possible CFL/CIS steroids link

[b]Rick Westhead, TSN
  • The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport is investigating whether steroid dealers in Edmonton may have sold banned performance-enhancing drugs to professional or amateur athletes across the country.

Two weeks ago, police in Alberta seized nearly $10 million worth of steroids in a string of raids at five locations in Edmonton.
Four people were arrested in what authorities say is the biggest illegal steroid seizure ever by Canadian police, who took into custody 350,000 tablets, 10,500 vials and 124 kilograms worth of raw steroid powder.
TSN has learned that days after the bust, CCES officials contacted Edmonton police to ask whether they have obtained a customer list.

Edmonton police inspector Darcy Strang told TSN that his officers have obtained ledger documents and one laptop computer, which will be searched alongside other evidence in coming months.

As for a potential customer list, Strang said, "we haven't gotten to that yet. We will look at whatever we have. If we have professional athletes on the list, I don't really know, actually, what would happen with that."[/b]

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