Authentic CFL team jerseys

As a fan of both the NFL and the CFL I notice that the NFL offers a Authentic style jersey (thicker material and sewn on crests) where the CFL does not. As a fan of the New York Jets, I have been able to purchase both the home and road in this style and must say that they are FAR MUCH BETTER than my Eskimos replica jersey that I own. Though CFL jerseys are available with the sewn on name and numbers (which is a start, don't get me wrong) are just okay IMHO. If a fan (like myself) is willing to spend the money for a better quality, why not make them available? I know that teams hold locker room sales at the end of the year (here in Edmonton they do) they offer game worn jerseys and they are great but they are custom made to the position of the player and are meant to be extremely tight. The jerseys I purpose are like replicas in the way of size but again are better material.

What's all you out theres thoughts on my suggestion?

I have a sewn #83 TUCKER Eskies jersey. The only thing on it that is printed is the small "Eskimos" type on the front (probably too small to stitch). Even the CFL logo on the front is stitched on. It's the "official" Reebok jersey.

This jersey is comparable to my Raiders NFL jersey.

I think I know what you are getting at though. I just wish i could get a green Eskies jersey - they always seem to be unavailable.

the real jersey's are so much different than your "authentic" jerseys.

I know, I have 5 of them...

No not the cheap immitation, these are actual game jerseys.

1 from B.C. 1 from Calgary, 1 from Winnipeg, 2 from Saskatchewan.

these are all real jerseys.

the Calgary Jersey is Lineman.. as the length of the jersey is incredibly long!

these are so much better than the authentic cheap ones.

The whole reason for the Jersey's not being sewn on is because of the cost. Could you imagine how much each jersey would cost, having to replace them a few times a season?


I know what you mean, I do own a game worn Dan Comesky jersey and it's long and very tight.

But what I mean with "Authentic Jersey" is and let me use the following example....

This is what is considered an "authentic" Dallas Cowboys jersey. I use this one because like alot of the CFL clubs this jersey has the team logo on the sleeve or shoulder as wall as the team name by the collar. On this cowboys jersey, the star on each sleve is NOT a plastic iron on logo, it's a sewn on star. The name by the collar is also embroidered on. Now the thing with these "Authentic" jerseys the sizes aren't S, M, L, XL and XXL. I will use my NY Jets jersey as an example, now normally I would wear a XXL jersey but the "Authentic" style jersey are sized with numbers and mine is a 54. Size wise it's maybe an inch longer than what a regular XXL replica jersey would be. Again the jersey material of my Jets jersey is very similar to the material they used for the game worn Comisky jersey that I own and is far and away a better quality material than that of a replica jersey that you purchase at any sports store.

That's what I meant by "Authentic" jersey. Maybe someone else knows what I mean and can explain what I'm trying to say better.


What you are asking for is a pro weight jersey with tackle twill numbers and names and embroidered decals.

I'd buy another one. The only way I got a real one is by going to the Lions locker room sale and paying about $400 for a game worn jersey. There's a huge difference between that and the ones you can normally buy. I doubt they'd sell in huge numbers because of the cost but I'm sure many hardcore fans would like one.

I totally agree, die hard fans including myself WOULD buy one. Yes they won't sell a huge amount, I agree there as well but it will be up to the CFL shop to keep a few in stock OR order them directly from Reebok with the prefered name and number when tthe order comes in. If it means waiting a couple weeks for it, fine! At least the CFL store offeres them. They wouldn't be 400 dollars I don't think, if I can base my thoughts again using the NFL ones, they'd be between about 250 to 300 dollars. Again there would be a slight differnece as "Game Worn" are custom made to fit the individual player wearing that particular jersey.

That is summed up perfectly as to what I'd like.

Again I hate using other leagues as an example but all other MAJOR League sports offer the above product (ie. NHL Jerseys with fighting straps in the back, NFL Jerseys, MLB jerseys and so forth) to die hard fans like us who are willing to spend an extra couple dollars for a better quality jersey that will last longer than the replica jerseys already made available to us the fans.

I had an “authentic” replica jersey made with the stick on letters and numbers, it didn’t last too long. The letters and numbers simply fell off in the summer heat on their own! I was less than pleased with that.
Yeah $300 for a jersey would be more reasonable, I paid a bit more because it was an auction. Also its hard to compare the CFL to other pro leagues. It simply does not have the size or fan base to have as much as the NFL. There are other pro teams worth more than the entire CFL! But the CFL is still the best IMO. :thup:

I see what you mean by me comparing the CFL to other "Major Leagues" but the one common thing is, Reebok is the official supplier of at least the NFL and NHL and agin they make the higher quality jerseys for fans of those leagues. I just think it would be wise for the CFL to do the same thing. Who knows maybe these jerseys sell well and the CFL and Reebok make money at it. I know they're not going to ot sell the every day replcia jersey seen in all stores but maybe there'll be enough of a demand for them. I know for one thing, if they do come out with them, I'll be one of the first fans ordering a green Edmonton Eskimos size 54, with #13 and my last name on it and won't have no second thoughts even if they are $300.

Maybe Reebok simply hasn't put those jerseys out because they don't think they'd make a good profit margin? Don't forget, its not about if a product can turn a profit for a company that size, they are looking at how much they'll get back per dollar they spend to create the product. If they thought they could make good money of it, I'm sure they would have by now. Perhaps fans simply need to speek up?


Well put!

I would suggest that fans who would be interested in this idea to contact the CFL store via e-mail and suggest it like I have.

Yeah, the only time I've seen those jerseys has been after the season. They are definitely nicer than the replica jerseys, and that's reflected in the cost. Sadly I don't have $400 to spend on a jersey. Personally I'd rather buy 4 $100 replica jerseys - they're fine, especially if you treat them nicely.

One thing I don't understand is why on the Stamps' "real" red jersey, the horizontal white piping goes around the back, but on the replica, it's only on the front? The CFL logo on the neck is also clearly bigger, plus there's the elastic in the sleeves.

The jerseys I purpose wouldn’t be $400, they’d be about $250. The only reason the ones you’ve seen are $400 is because they’re actually game worn, the ones I purpose are made somewhat the same way as a “game worn” but they won’t be so snug, they’d be loose fitting like a replica.

Oh, OK. I see what you mean. Those would be nice ...I'd be much more inclined to buy a sweet $250 jersey than a $400 one ...

I think alot of people would. Lets be honest, a select few CFL fans like you and myself post on here. A select few of us who post frequently here voted in this poll. With that being said I have posted a poll on here and one other place and if I can somewhat base my following thoughts on the two polls and their results....

Even though totally in the two polls I had all but about 40 people vote (I wish it was WAY MORE), the vast majority of them want the better quality jersey. Now again it was about 40 people voting and that's no where close to the 2 million plus that hit the turnstiles every year not to mention the millions of CFL fans all over the world who are unable to attend CFL games. But I'm willing to bet that they wold sell. Will they out sell regular everyday replica jersey seen in sporting good stores? No! But they will sell, that I'm sure of!

I know Mr. Cohon (or someone close to him) reads these posts once in a while (I've seen responses by Mr. Cohon to concerns stated on this VERY message board) so I am asking to please consider this idea, it's money!

They would have to make enough of them to lower the cost to the point where they could turn a small profit. Only making enough to sell them out might make them prohibitively expensive. That said, perhaps they could offer a made to order service, where the customer pays the full cost of manufacturing a top-quality jersey, with a small markup for the CFL, plus handling and shipping charges. I would buy one probably, and it sounds as if some others might as well. It would be a good way to test the market in any case.

I would also buy a top-quality leather CFL-branded 3/4 length coat as long as it was understated and in VERY good taste, and not festooned with several large, garish logos.

Agreed! :rockin:

Even with the customer paying the full cost of manufacturing the jersey, I can't see it being more than $300. :thup:

I think they would sell rather well. In general the average CFL fan is pretty dedicated (even Ottawa I mean seriously look what they put up with for years trying to support a team run by terrible ownership)

The other thing I really wish there were more of would be DVDs (I mean seriously there has to be a market, even if just compilation discs they have so much history)

Yes! DVDs would be great! There used to be VHS tapes that were season summeries but that ended around 1993 I think. I'd love to be able to buy Grey Cups, West/East Finals or season summaries. Even if its not available on DVD, a simple download from would be awesome. :thup: :thup: :thup:

It's been a while so I thought I'd revive this thread.

I know that I've beat a dead horse but over the last couple days I 've notice in looking at other leagues, namely the UFL and the AFL, (I know one is dead and the other will likely die in a couple years) but I noticed that the UFL, in their online store, offers game style jerseys as well as individual teams in the AFL offering up the same. These two leagues and their franchises are, were or probably NOWHERE close to the popularity in their respective cities like franchises in the CFL are in theirs.

What I don't get is obviously enough demand out there for products that are not currently offered at the CFL store such as the above mentioned jerseys, DVDs and so forth. The CFL prides itself on being a "fan friendly" league as stated with the "This is OUR league" marketing monacre. They even had fans submit rule change ideas to make the game more entertaining. The CFL as a whole doesn't make killer money from sponsorhips and TV deals and have been classified as a "gate driven" league which means the league and teams make the majority of money from ticket and merchandise sales.

This isn't an unreasonable request by any stretch. There must be SOMEONE that reads these posts that works for the CFL directly or indirectly tha can tell me why or why not certain merchandise such as game style jerseys (which would sell) are not offered ?