Australian Open

Not a great couple of days for Canadian men at the Aussie Open.

Raonic just back from injury and seeded down at #22 lost his first round match in four sets to unseeded Lukas Lacko (who is currently ranked 86 on the ATP rankings).

And then last night Shapovalov simply blew it when he was on the verge of upsetting 15th seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga last night in a 5 set thriller.

Shapo was up 5-2 in the 5th set and looked set to win. Tsonga was struggling to hold his serve. But then the wheels fell off. Multiple double faults - unforced errors - and yes Tsonga found a new gear - and won the next 5 games to eliminate the 18 year old.

It was tough to watch - especially after the kid had played so well through the rest of the match. I was flipping between two different sets of commentators - one the international feed and the other the ESPN feed with the McEnroe brothers - and there were raves for Shapo - until the wheels fell off.

A setback for Canadian tennis players in an important tournament to start off 2018, no question.

A minor setback to be sure. McEnroe and his cronies are just hyping up Dennis the Menace cuz there's anyone for tennis (cred. Chris deBurgh) cuz there's really no young American men with the promise of El Shapodino.

Surprised Shappy drew Jo Willy so early in the event - Tsongas has been a perennial quarter or semi-finalist last decade or so.

As for Milos - I think he's preparing for a transition from pro tennis to the announce booth. NBC or ESPN (Tennis Channel for sure) would welcome an educated individual with such a great background in the sport. More of an international presence vs. some southern-accented American, too!

Milos should try and play out this year without injuries - perhaps getting as far as another Wimbledon final or other GS semi-final before bowing out. With this guy the more he plays the more he subjects himself to injury.

Stunned that Eugenie is the last Canadian standing. Her tennis has really deteriorated last 2 or 3 years as her modelling and sponsorship career has blossomed. She's up against the #1 rated player today in Simona Halep - so if somehow she can slay Simona her stock will rapidly rise. Bouchard should be a relatively easy out for Halep - Halep has more game, better returns and far better second serve. Halep also doesn't squander points and burn mesh like Bouchard. Eugenie's #1 trick is trying to kill her opponent via early return - thus magnifying her margin of error!

Shapovalov is an up and comer, I agree with McEnroe's assessment... Milos is on the decline, his injuries are catching up to him, he is just not the same player he used to be, the latest never was in Canadian tennis, and Pospisil isn't good enough to crack the top 10.

As for Bouchard, she is just a flash in the pan. She had the one great year, but all the others figured out how to beat her, and she has never figured out how to adjust her game and/or put in a new wrinkle to keep her opponents honest.

More of an international presence vs. some southern-accented American, too
Hmmm, would you say that to their faces Lyle, to those who are southern-accented and American? ;) What is more hick though, that or the Newfies with accents? ;)

Sure I would - and I have! In the old days when I did radio I was often accused of having an “American” accent. . . . . . nothing wrong with the Newfie accent either, very charming!

Nothing like those ‘silver-tongued southern devil snake-charmers’ you hear on American TV - guys like Jeff Sessions, Trump’s house-boy!

Have to admit, I love that accent though, it's kinda cute.

Bouchard got herself squashed in straight sets (6-2, 6-2) by the smaller girl. Back to modelling and jet-setting for The Genie....

She really should take some acting lessons. Only 23/24 she could be a very good minor character in movies or TV. a la Gina from MMA, Ronda Rousey, Laila Ali, etc.

Tennis is definitely NOT her first language!

She should be extremely proud of how well of a tennis player she became and and how hard she worked. Good on ya Genie Bouchard! She won my cousin's Tevlin Challenger and has added to the positive profile of tennis in Canada without question.

Key word being "became" cuz for all intents and purposes BooBoo (Bouchard) is no longer a viable Top 40 WTA player. She's a field player, a qualifier for the most part with no real standing other than her obvious sex appeal to the masses.

Should be pointed out the last several sex symbol women's tennis players are pretty much cream of the crop.

Obviously Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Gabriela Muguruza, Serena (a sex symbol for certain tastes), etc. have all won majors and been rated Top 10 continuously for years. Genie would be in the category with Ana Kournikova, although Genie has actually done something Ana never did - win a couple tourneys! Both far exceed my list above of WTA sex symbols - Ana & Genie are in a class of their own.

Genie had one very good (excellent) year. At this point she's basically a tour hobo.

Lyle, sometimes I simply don't like how you try and describe people but hey, if that's your schtick, well, that's your schtick. Remember, humour works but only to a certain point my friend.

I guess I can honestly say you're simply a forum hobo poster, at best. And no disrespect of course as I know you are not disrespecting people who have gained athletic prowess at a much higher level than you ever have and only in your dreams, as I'm guessing is the case. 8) :-*

Funny that Jokevic’s team called the decision to treat him like any other human being “patently irrational”. That is how I would describe his position.

What a distraction to the sport and tournament.


Novak Djokovic left Australia on Sunday after three federal judges upheld the decision to revoke his visa for the second time.

"I can confirm that Mr Djokovic has now departed Australia," Alex Hawke, immigration minister, said in a statement.

Djokovic, escorted by border force guards, boarded Emirates flight EK409 and departed Melbourne at 10:39 p.m. local time, immigration officials said. The 13-hour flight was expected to arrive in Dubai at 5:47 a.m. local time.


Bye bye Mr. Djokovic and take your entitlement bag with you on the way out. You're entitled to your opinions, not a problem, but countries are entitled to having laws and protocols to deal with COVID as they see necessary to do so.


How is it that he is even able to commercially fly? He should have been put on a slow boat to China.

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I’ve never flown Air Emirates but I imagine there’s like a special gantry that extends out to a segregated section at the top of the giant aircraft from a very private lounge that you or I will never see the interior of, and the people who get to step on that gantry do not have to be bothered with commoner rules that you or I are supposed to follow….

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That may be. And I have no doubt the UAR will welcome him with open arms.

Publicity for UAR