australian football league support vs CFL support

Canada had 50% more population, half the teams, and AFL average attendance for 2014 is 33,155

Too lazy to do the math but I am jealous.

Wonder how well we support CFL if we were not a hockey first country.

That afl play is rugged and fast. Like a combination of ice hockey and rugby without any protection, yet they play like kamakazies

to think I could have spent my core years playing this game...scary.

I once ran out on the field in the middle of a game when I was 4. What an experience.

wonder if there is a players union. wonder what the players make. wonder if they ever had labour issue. maybe disgruntled cfl players should try to play there.

I don't think you can compare at all, Australia is more of a sports country than Canada, nothing to do with population.
The also have a Pro Rugby league that in some regions of Aus is more popular than Aussie Rules football.
They are also Cricket crazy and have huge crowds for cricket.

They also have a soccer league and there National team has qualified the past two World Cup. They also have a pro Basketball league.
They love their swimming and have swim leagues too.
In schools they play sports and have compulsory Wednesday afternoon sports where kids must play a sport. They are a sports country and sorry to say we are not.

Australia also has a geographical advantage being a self contained big island in the south pacific without any outside influences right on their border. We don't have that, living right next door to the biggest cultural and political influence in the world. Canada could be alot more like Australia if we didn't suffer from so much penis envey of everything we see down south.

And if we weren't living next to the biggest cultural influence in the world we would NOT be playing CFL football.
Without the American influence we would be playing Cricket instead of Baseball and Rugby instead of CFL football and soccer left over by the Brit influence just like the Aussies!! :thdn:

You mean we would not have invented it?

Melbourne, a city half the size of Toronto, has 9 teams in the AFL with 6 football stadiums in the downtown core alone. The AFL's TV contract is worth well over $1 Billion.

We should remember than Australia's standard of living is higher than Canada, with higher average incomes and a dollar which is worth more. A few decades ago Canada was much richer than Australia but the decline of Ontario and Quebec into "have-not" status, living on borrowed money they can never hope to pay back, has dragged down our country to near insolvency. At least we still have the CFL. :expressionless:

It's impressive that the Aussie league has the 4th highest average attendance in the world and their Cup final is Number 1 in the World in attendance at a championship game:

It's basically the only game in town compared to North America. Apples and Oranges !

Australia dominates in summer sports. But Canada will always be better in winter sports.

This is nonsense that you're spouting.

Australia & Canada's gdp/per capita is basically the same: ... y_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita

Recent NY Times article says Canada has richest middle class in the world: ... chest.html

Australia has a lower debt to gdp but Canada's figure doesn't make it a have-not country. Ontario & Quebec maybe now considered have-nots but that is relation to other provinces rather than the world. Alberta & SK economies have more than made up the shortfall for Canada on the world stage.

NO it's not the only game in town compared to North America. You missed the point above that Australia also has a 15 team pro Rugby league, also a soccer league and a Cricket League. Aussies love their Cricket


I never said Canada was a have-not country, just the 75% of the population who live in Quebec, Ontario and eastern provinces. Canada’s debt to GDP ratio might seem better than some other countries, like the U.S, but American states aren’t allowed to run deficits. Quebec and Ontario have combined provincial debts which rivals Canada’s $600 billion national debt. When you add all those debts together, Canada is actually worse off than many other developed nations.

Like the U.S, Canada is nearly at critical debt levels. At least we have a federal gov’t who realizes the problem and has promised to stop increasing the debt some day…by cutting our services to the bone…while U.S, Ontario and Quebec still merrily increase borrowing and spending every year, with no hope of ever paying off their debt. They can only make the minimum interest payments to the banks, allowing them to borrow even more money. But those happy days may soon be ending.

Interest payments on borrowed money is the largest single expense of our federal government. Bigger than healthcare, education, military, anything else the gov’t spends on. Canada is still paying interest charges on money they borrowed in the mid-1970’s and never paid back. Work that out and we’ve paid more in interest than the value of those original loans which first put Canada in a deficit position.

Not at all. The NRL has its Grand Final the week after the AFL, so on consecutive weekends there is a major pro championship played in Australia and both avg over 80 000 for the Grand Final since '99. CFL record is 68k and has averaged around 50k over that period.

There are other factors involved, but it is far from the only game in town and compared to Canada and Canadian population they do a far better job filling their stadiums (avg AFL attendance 2013 was over 32K) than the CFL does (avg attendance 2013 was 27k).

To draw a comparison with another sport, the team in the English Rugby Premiership that gets the largest support, Leicester, has less attendance than the Toronto Argonauts.

The topic is about Australia with a much smaller population and their support for their Aussie league compared to the CFL in Canada

And rj1 extended on that discussion by illustrating how England, a country with twice the population of Canada, has a Rugby Union club league with 12 teams that plays in mostly 12,000 seat stadiums. The best drawing club does less per game than the Argos.

I hardly see that as requiring a new thread.

And Holland is one of the favourites in the World Cup with a tiny population and Portugal a tiny country too is in the Top 10, they both draw big crowds in their leagues.
The bottom line is population doesn't mean a thing.

And America is not right beside them.

By the time you include Portuguese soccer and English (not Welsh) rugby, you're comparing apples, gravity, and the colour blue.

Fun thread though.