Auston Matthews vs. Patrik Laine

Laine got off to the fast start this season - accumulating 34 goals in first 3/4 of season - however, the taps have been shut down on the Finnish wunderkid - he's only had 1 goal in last 16 games - and paltry points. Basically, the guy who looked like the real deal at #2 overall for Winnipeg Jets has gone into a mope spiral.

Matthews has overtaken the Finn in both goals and assists - looks to be a lock for rookie-of-the-year and will get some votes for league MVP.

No questions the Leafs picked the right guy with their flukey #1 overall pick - Ozzy will assert himself in the playoffs and Leafs might go to the final game or two of the 2nd round before succumbing to superior talent and better goal-tending.

Laine getting used to popping corks and such in Loserville - don't see Jets as a real playoff contender for at least 2, perhaps up to 4 years.

Just not a franchise players want to come and show their wares. Unless you're stuck (like Laine) getting plucked off the draft wire - its a poorly run on-ice operation with marginal coaching and little to no depth in the minors.

Jets now winning cuz they want to avoid a high draft pick this year - one who could take a job away from a current Jet mope - Jets now look to be drafting anywhere from #9 to #11 - and this year's crop isn't bumper so they'll probably find a guy for their minor league Moose operation. :cowboy: