Auston Matthews : `They call me Mr. Glass`

Auston Matthews hurt... AGAIN!!! That's a shame...

They call me Mr. Glass.

here I was trying to figure out what football team he plays for :-[

My spidey sense has been tingling ever since we got this guy. I would trade him and Nylander to Edm for McDavid and Lucic in a heartbeat.

He does seem to have wonky shoulders as it always seems to be those that get injured. Last year missed 20 games because of his right shoulder - last night his left being hurt. Hopefully not a 20 game type injury this time. He’s fun to watch.

Out 4 weeks. No surgery needed.

If I was another team, when he gets back, I’d run that shoulder EVERY chance I could.

I’d also trade failing Jets liability Patrik Laine & Jacob Trouba for Matthews - in a minute. Although Leafs management might die laughing if such a trade was proposed.

Now - Trouba & Laine for Will Nylander - ?>?? — thats another matter! In a minute!

Babcock might be able to salvage whatever is left in Laine - looks like Paul “the Mouse” Maurice is letting him slide to salvage!

Some of the least timid Jet fans are demanding answers. They want to know how a guy like Patrik Laine can go from 33 goals (rookie season) to 44 goals (sophomore) to a pair (3rd season)?

Obvious answer = Laine has become disinterested in the sport. now relegated to spot 4th line duty (Jets are trying to hide the guy when 1st 2 yrs they were featuring him)

Can he be salvaged? Possibly - but only in an environment where he’s challenged to succeed - perhaps even sent to the AHL to shore up his feeble defensive skills and awful puck possession.

Time to trade is now. Laine had 44 goals last year and only lost the Rocket Richard trophy (most prolific goal-scorer) because he took the last two weeks of the season to basically become a parade float-on-ice and had either zero or 1 goal in his last 9 games.

During the playoffs the Jets eliminated a moribund Minnesota squad in the first round, then relied on a sickly Nashville goaltender to steal the 2nd round in 7. Eventually, they were only able to extend a glorified AHL team (Vegas) to 5 games before feebly succumbing to Vegas’s superior sniping, checking and coaching!

Jets also got deep into the 2017 playoffs cuz of 2 players - Goalie Connor Hellybuyck, who was fantastic all season, and the first 2 rounds of the playoffs before being out-dueled by Old Fleury in the conference final AND trade rental Peter Statsny who fueled the Jets to late season and playoff success. Jets failed to sign Statsny for 2018 and beyond - they’re paying the price.

That said. Even with their goalie returning to normal, no Statsny, a disinterested Laine and a figure-skater without a stick (Nik Ehlers) the Jets should still challenge for a wild-card spot w/ 89 to 95 reg. season pts. - before easily succumbing to whoever plays then in the first round of playoffs.

The point is, he’s injury / concussion prone.

Run that shoulder, boys! :wink:

What kind of disinterested 4th liner plays 17 minutes a night? He played 20+ mins last week against Toronto. Your Jets takes always make me laugh. Can’t for your posts in a few weeks after Laine heats up.

Liability Laine won't be filling any nets with pucks anytime soon!

Might be fortunate to only regress to 20-23 goals this season unless he gets himself injured and takes his poor play off the hook.

As for 20+ goals I'd say 15 of them will be power play goals . . . .

Jets have two highly cherished draft picks both going into mope mode at the absolute wrong time:

  1. Laine - the shooter who can't skate

  2. Ehlers - the skater who can't shoot

Great combo, eh?


Laine scored a hat trick in his first game after that post.

Announcers said he could have easily had 6 to 8 goals - but his aim is still off.

2 PPGs - the Jets are really good with a man advantage and Laine doesn't have a man leaning on him - thats why he fired 2 pucks past Smiley Reimer today before Reimer even saw the smoke coming off Laine's stick.

The 3rd goal was an empty-netter - Laine fired one nearly 100 ft, 3 or 4 inches off the ice - all the way in!