Auston Matthews Offer Sheet

Auston Matthews may be the next Mario Lemieux.
Auston Matthews may also be the next Eric Lindros / Mr. Glass.

Auston Matthews is from Arizona and there is talk that the Coyotes will put in an Offer Sheet (a bid) to land him. At that point, if the Leafs don’t match the Coyote offer, they will be compensated with Draft Picks…


Offer Sheet (AAV)

$1,339,575 or below

Over $1,339,575 to $2,029,59

Over $2,029,59 to $4,059,322

Over $4,059,322 to $6,088,980
1st, 3rd

Over $6,088,980 to $8,118,641
1st, 2nd, 3rd

Over $8,118,641 to $10,148,302
(2) 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Over $10,148,302
(4) 1st

If YOU were in charge of the Leafs, what’s the Maximum amount you would MATCH?

Assume the Contract Offer is for 8 years.

P.S. I meant to vote $10M but can’t figure out how to change my vote. :slight_smile:

Edit : Got it. :slight_smile:

But Austin Matthews is not from Houston ;D

How much of that is money that Arizona actually earns and not money from other teams (from revenue sharing)?

Not sure. Cap FLOOR is $60M.

Aren’t you funny. :slight_smile:

“Our salary cap situation is set up that we could defend any of those threats with no worry at all,? Dubas said Monday. “I know that they’ve become a huge topic of late, but I spend zero per cent of my time having any worry about that. “If a team wants to go down that path with us, that’s the way it goes.?

The Leafs currently have just $56 million in cap commitments made for next season. With an anticipated salary cap ceiling of $83 million for 2019-20, and a collective bargaining agreement that permits teams to exceed the ceiling by 10 per cent each summer, Toronto projects to have about $35 million in available space on July 1.
In other words: More than enough to match league maximum deals for both Matthews and Marner, should rival teams choose to extend offer sheets in that amount.

But it’s difficult to construct a hypothetical scenario where another team would be willing to give either player a contract the Leafs couldn’t (or wouldn’t) match. And that doesn’t even account for the four first-round picks they’d have to be willing to part with in order to make it happen.

The part of pro sports I HATE, money talk, whether it be too little for this or that league, franchise, player or too much for this league, franchise or player.

Turns me off and makes me want to turn away from the entire thing called pro sports. Just a bad taste in my mouth.

But is what it is, the way of the world.

The way I see it, if the Coyotes are even going to do it, their best option is all in, 14+ million/8yrs.

Scenario 1: PHX gets Auston Matthews, hometown boy and elite player. They have cap room and can afford to spend it. Best case for PHX, Matthews is the savior they need and the first round draft picks are all 20-32. Toronto may benefit, with their cap worries gone, and actual money to get real defensemen to play with Morgan Reilly, and a jolt to their pipeline with 4 first rounders, hopefully (for them) in the teens or higher.

Scenario 2: Toronto matches the 14 million and goes straight into the salary cap’s deepest depths. They would likely have to ship out one or two of Nylander, Gardiner, or Kadri to afford Matthews and Tavares (and $9? Million Marner). Either way, I see the only way Pheonix loses this exchange being if Auston’s injury trouble comes back, or less likely, he hits some sort of wall and his play drops off. Either get a franchise talent, or help destroy Toronto

That being said, if I’m Toronto, anything above 10-11 million, it’s “Thanks for the three years, have fun in the desert”
Cap space and prospects are two of the most valuable assets in the NHL, and Arizona is offering both of them a-plenty.