Austin's treatment of Drew Edwards

I have now seen about 5 to 10 Austin Srum interviews on and I find that I am rolling my eyes as Austin tries to act like a man's man and Mr Testosterone when being asked questions by Drew Edwards .

For some reason , Austin belittle Drew and treats him like a non football dork .

I don't like it for many reasons :

  1. The purpose of the scrum is to get updates to us the fans and not to waste time belittle the interviewer
  2. Drew is a Ticats guy and Ticats fan and should be treated with respect as one of us . By treating him this way he is just looking like an idiot .
  3. Austin is a representative of the Ticats and should treat Hamilton reporters and beat writers as friends and team mates .

I don't think Drew would appreciate being characterized as a "fan" of the Ticats - he is a beat writer who is doing his job when he reports the good, the bad and the ugly. I would be more worried if Austin was getting too cozy with the media, rather than there being a bit of tension. :cowboy:

Maybe there is a reason??? Personally, I've never seen them together face to face...just the stuff on TV. I've not seen anything like you describe. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you are wrong....I'm just saying I haven't seen anything. :o

Any time I've seen Kent Austin talk...I always thought he was "OK".

If you don't understand the reason, then you should listen to Drew's questions more closely. Though I wouldn't say he's "belittling" Drew per se. He's giving each question the kind of answer it deserves.

Drew has previously mentioned that he's not a fan of the team, but rather likes to see them succeed because of the work he sees the players put in and the relationships he builds through interviews.

He's a reporter, not a fan. Coaches dislike reporters, it's an innate part of being a coach in professional sports. :wink:

I recall Cortez having or developing the same attitude toward the local reporters. Maybe it has to do with the mindless questions being asked. Like being asked if the coach is
frustrated after a loss.

Drew isn't a fan of the team, just a reporter doing a beat thing. Ok, but does he enjoy watching Cats football and reporting on this or is he doing this for his resume and to beef it up to go to the next level of whatever he actually is a fan of? I don't know. I've enjoyed reading his writings as I do read them from time to time and I get that a reporter might have to cover things he's not a fan of, if that's the case.

But it would be interesting for me to know if he actually really enjoys what he is doing rather than just part of a job.

Reporters do ask mindless questions, I mean it's sort of part of the job description, it's not like they can ask "do you think the US should get involved in Syria". It's a bit more basic than that in sports.

I think the media is almost always seen as a necessary evil by GMs, coaches, etc. It's Iike they forget that part of the job entails selling the team, the games and the league. As long as they're reasonable accessible and civil, I don't expect more from these guys.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is Drew not a fan of the TiCats, or the CFL in general?
and please don't say he is a closeted Argos fan. :o

admittedly, I find this surprising due to the in-depth coverage of the team and individual human interest stories on TiCats players.

I agree with Teddyfay sometimes the questions asked by the media are either so redundant or have no basis toward what is going on or just heavy speculation. It's one thing for us fans to speculate or question a decision but we also rely on the media to report what is actually going on with the team, if they ask quality questions that make sense I'm sure Austin would reply but some of the questions being asked sound like the questions from a High School Reporter. I would screw up my face and think the guy is a Dork as well.

I like Drew's blog and Spec articles. Also love his post and pre game analyses with Uncle Milty.

I think the post game interviews are tough, in that what do you ask? The only thing I get from post game interviews is the emotion of the moment. The content of the questions and answers are usually pretty cliched and pointless for the most part, IMO.

I kinda like Austin's and Cotez' snarkiness.

[quote="Earl"]Drew isn't a fan of the team, just a reporter doing a beat thing.

But it would be interesting for me to know if he actually really enjoys what he is doing rather than just part of a job.

I regularly read Drew's blog and have for over a year and a half. Never have I gotten the impression that he is NOT a fan of the team.

Austin was and still is a competitor ... he takes losses personally, especially minutes after the final gun.

I do think Drew, rightly or wrongly, stated the obvious the other night after the BC loss and Austin called him on it.

It sounded as awkward as it appeared,

DH is a very good print media guy and a TERRIBLE live reporter.
He does not have the charisma or natural ability to pull it off. No doubt he struggles.
If he could just stick to print he would be great. Some of the questions he asks and the way they are delivered are pretty weak!
Football more than any other sport is very cool and macho.
Drew does not fit that mold.
Still like his writing though.

8) You're dead on right Teddy !! Mindless, ridiculous questions are asked, and the reporter expects a civil answer ??
  Amazing how many fans on here criticized  George Cortez  for the same thing last year, and now Austin is doing the same
  thing as George, this year !!   Love it !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Anyone, in any situation, who asks dumb questions, should expect worse than how Austin responds. He's being a perfect gentleman, since most would be asking Drew if he was an idiot. Drew asks a lot of dumb questions.

Drew is not a good beat writer. The guy knew next to nothing about football before he got the job. How he got the job I will never understand. He is a typical trashy reporter who was thrown into a football job. IMO he has no business having the job he has. He makes the Spec look senseless. Their hiring judgments certainly are. Give Milton a pay raise for more writing and fire Drew.

He also loves to report about the criminal history of players, something I find repulsive.

The coach doesn't seem to want to divulge much information before a game and Drew is always prying. It looks like Drew has stated things from time to time the coach didn't want made public. This coach is quite secretive before games. For some there seems to be friction between them. :expressionless:

Has anyone got a link to a recent interview that might show what prompted this thread?

I like the scratching post Blog Edwards has. I have watched every interview with Austin this year.
I honestly believe Kent has been very understanding of questions that are not always thought out.
He has behaved in a civil manner and has answered in an honest manner. The most obvious case
where you can see Austin's frustration is an interview this week about CFL officiating. Austin said
he did not want to be critical because he could be fined. Edwards kept taking different approaches
in an attempt to get Austin to be critical of CFL officiating. Edwards was doing his job but you could
see how Austin could be angered by the attempt.