Austins' Fine Amount

Just because the best punch in your arsenal is akin to that of an elementary school girl, doesn't make it not a punch. This better be the biggest fine ever imposed on a coach in the history of this league. And it better come from his pocket and not the Ticats bank account. Suspension also the biggest ever in the league, although I'm not sure that will actually hurt the Cats as much as having him there, so that one I could overlook if it is a bit lenient. There is 0 difference in what happened with Austin and the Calgary Flames guy who ran over the ref last year and ended his career as a ref. Any normal man would have put that ref in a coma with the sucker attempt Austin made on him.

Physical abuse of an Official is unacceptable, This will be ugly for Austin

Yup - he'll be fined - maybe suspended a game - but as the TSN announcers pointed out it was an absolute garbage and ridiculous call at a very key point in the game. That's still no excuse for slapping his hand though.

Unless you saw something else Austin's assault on the wide official last nite was not quite the level of the drunken Flames player running over that NFL ref.

Austin's assault (and I call it an assault because on the face of it - it cannot be categorized as anything else) was basically a slap on the wrist (or hand) - - - - I assume the official won't file assault charges against Austin because he'd never work again as an official.

But the fine Orridge hands down must be hard, swift and quick . . . . no dilly-dallying around for a week to 10 days mulling the consequences!

My thoughts:

  • 1 game suspension as head coach including no contact with team at practice or team offices (loss of income directly attributable to 1/18th of season)

  • $25,000 fine for assault (both physical and verbal) on the officials

  • Warning that subsequent similar actions would result in doubling of penalties (without Young paying them) and immediate ejection from game (like baseball managers are subject to)

The only mistake the head ref made last nite (amongst a passel) was NOT ejecting Austin from the game the moment he drew the flag for assaulting Sunshine Zeberoski on the sideline.

Doesn't matter. You don't hit an official. Period. There are no excuses.

Orridge's job is to protect league officials, and he should set an example right now before anyone else gets ideas. One game and a five digit fine should do it.

.....Austin will get a slap on the wrist...much like the one he handed out....That was a 'cheesey' penalty .. but the rules are the rules...I still can't get over the decision in the Wpg./Cal. game when a stamp player booted the ball down field???That should have been considered a kick and a no yds. penalty applied.. :thdn: Bad day for the refs. but a worse one for Kent :thdn:

My mother used to slap my hand like that when I touched something I shouldn't have, she even had pretty much the same look of disbelief on her face as Kent did. :thup:

You could tell from the get-go the head zebra was having a bad day (not helped by absolutely incompetent assistants or bottle boy in the film room). He was processing information slower than Rod Black on a bad day. That said, no excuse for Austin's actions.

This one will be a precedent setter. Everyone knows if Austin scorched the officials in his post-game spew he'd be fined $2,000. This one is different. Way different!

Orridge will be at the mercy of the league governors. If they tell him to refrain from suspension Orridge will just follow orders and hand out an obligatory "Young-Paid" fine.

It's the intent of the action that has to matter not the result. Like I said, just because Austin is a little lacking in manlyhood, that does not make it any better. A real Man could have inflicted some damage to that ref with the sucker punch attempt.

I respect Austin, if it was me with the most stupid penalty I've ever seen in any football game, I'd probably have punched the closest ref to me out cold. It detracted from what was otherwise an excellent game.

The league needs to fire officials like this and get people with something between their ears to ref.

Ok, that aside, of course you can't touch an official and he deserves a fine but nonetheless, I can't blame Austin one bit for blowing. Orridge should fine the official as well and I'm not joking.

Better be at least a one game suspension and 18 000.00 fine. That's what they gave Duron for much less.

For sure, and really he should have been tossed from the game so a suspension is a must.

Sort of like the penalty Cote got for spiking the ball and hitting a bomber as he walked into it. Ya those penalties are stupid. I believe on the kicked ball though the tsn panel were wrong the ball was not kicked intentionally from the replays. But what ever floats your boat.

HAM only got a 10 yard penalty for it, it could have been much worse

From the CFL rule book Rule 7, Sec. 4:
"...physical abuse of an official in any manner whatsoever." 25-yard penalty plus disqualification.

So you’re saying he should have flattened the jerk? He barely touched him.
Yes, he deserves a fine, and will get one. But you’re calling him a sissy just because the official who threw the stupidest penalty flag I’ve seen in 35 years of watching the CFL didn’t end up unconscious.
On the one hand you’re criticizing Austin for striking the official, and on the other you’re criticizing him for not hitting him hard enough. Make up your mind.

A - you have seen this before....shoot O'Shea a tweet and ask him about it :slight_smile: (not that it was the only other time)

B - What was the ref to do when the D stood up and pointed it out? NOT call it? It was clear as day that he had moved it forward. Tilting is fine....advancing is not. They are not going to call that on 1st and 10....but it is pretty obvious when it is advanced to grave the 1st down plane.

Go on though....tell us how this ball was not advanced lol
then when they try to say Clark did the same thing the next short yardage laughable. Yes...he tilted the ball same as every center does...he did not move it forward half a foot though.

So, Duron Carter, who'd possibly just been concussed on a dirty play, then bumped a coach who had no business being on the field and who sold it like Ric Flair selling a dozen consecutive turnbuckle shots. And a bunch of people here went into a frothing fit over it. Carter lost almost two games and a fine for that act. Now I want to see all y'all turn your righteous ire on Kent Austin. That's right. Go nuts.

The league make take into consideration that this isn't Austin's first sideline bumping incident. He is lucky he wasn't flagged for 25 yds and ejected.

Yes, this is his second offense and he needs to be sent a big message. The club and the coach requires to pay a fine.

Forget about a token fine or a minimal suspension - - Orridge should hit Austin in the face with a shovel to teach him a lesson. Oh, wait...