Austin: “We need to get better as a league"

[b]Drew Edwards @scratchingpost

#Ticats Kent Austin after #GreyCup2014 loss:
“We need to get better as a league. It changes lives. It's important.? #CFL[/b]

It changes lives?

If it's regarding the penalty on the KR ? Austin is delusional .......

or perhaps he is intimating that the league needs to further grow and prosper in this country?

I'm not sure to be honest.

[b][i]“We need to get better as a league. It changes lives. It's important.?[/i][/b]

Austin chooses his words pretty wisely typically. Jabbing without a fine in return.

the players are pissed with Hamilton , they should suck it up that is the game what happens it is noticeable it was a penalty

bad penalty by a player . period.

It's pretty apparent he's talking about the state of officiating in the league. When you consider how many penalties occured this season and the fans complaining loudly enough that the League had to make a statement regarding it part way through the season. He's also understandably frustrated that a controversial call that (in his opinion likely) cost Hamilton a Grey Cup, and he made it really as clear as he possibly could without getting fined in the pregame interview his opinion of the officiating in the league.

Perhaps full-time officials are something the league needs to take a look at.

like I said, he chooses his words wisely. He took a shot without saying something that can get him in trouble

If his comments were a shot at the officiating, then I hope he is a better communicator to his players.
That is the most covert of criticisms I have ever seen.
Still not sure that it was a criticism of the officiating.

I think it's a shot at his player for taking a stupid penalty that cost them the Grey Cup.

The league needs 35-40 officials. Let's assume average salary and benefits of $100,000 per, that's $3.5M-4M in new cost (minus whatever pittance they get paid now for working on a per-game basis). Are fans prepared to see ticket prices increase on the off chance that having officials spend four days a week "practising" and one day a week working will improve their decisions?

So what you are saying is that the refs should have better average compensation than players on average? Interesting. Also, empolying someone for say 90k + 10 k in benifits costs you a lot more than 100k per employee, especially since you have just called them seasonal FT

How dare he take a poke at the league in the only way he can without being fined.

Hopefully he will expand on that comment a bit but I’m not so sure he will. :wink:

Deflecting scrutiny from player(s) in order to support and encourage them after a loss. Pretty standard coaching stuff.

Austin is a competitor, he's disappointed and that's normal but the officiating in this year's GC was very good, much better than Hamilton's red zone production.

The penalty will be a key part of the Grey Cup portion of Duron Carter's documentary of the 2014 season.

Everyone has been talking about the officiating all year ! This just Tops is off :roll:

it was the right call...unless you cant take the blinders off and look objectively. kudos to the refs for getting it right.

I think even the majority of Ticats fans, including myself, believe it was the right call. Do I wish the the flag wasn't thrown and the official missed it? Of course but that's football. The official got it right. Unfortunately though for me as a fan.