Austin to replace Barrett

Now that Austin is released from T.O., maybe it is time to give Barrett the Golden Handshake!

What is Kerry Joseph doing in the game when he is injured? Do we want to lose him for the rest of the season? We do have Crandell and Butler dressed; use them and give them reps! IF Joseph is lame, they will have to come in. We were close enough that with one quarter left, Crandell could have engineered one or two TDS to get us a win!

there is no hope in hell that kent austin will replace danny barrett...

How are you so sure about that?

i wouldnt do it!! :roll: and next we will hear that Danny Maciocia will be heading here :o :lol: after the axe falls over in Edmonton :stuck_out_tongue:

Kent Austin would be a terrible choice for head coach.... I would rather have Jim Daley back rather than have Kent as coach....

Kent Austin as head coach??? Do you guys want another chance to run him out of town or what?

It just wouldnt be a good fit. anyways, i still dont think danny barrett is the problem, i think mr shivers should be ushered to the door however...

Someone has to take ownership for keeping an injured QB on the field when we had to healthy QB's on the bench! Someone's head has to roll for this!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when Roy was first hired, he immediately started looking for a head coach. And I'm pretty sure one the leading candidates was George Cortez. They wanted him, but he chose to leave Calgary for the States. Now we have Cortez as an assistant. Wouldn't it make more sense moving him up rather than looking outside?

Just fire the coach,and relace Kerry Joseph with Marcus Crandell. Saskatchewan has nothing to lose. What have they done so far?

Saskatchewan isnt even last in the CFL,or the West for that matter. So, they obviously do have something to lose. Everyone knows the West is gonna be tight this year, so everyone is gonna have a less than stellar year as far as wins and losses are concerned. I agree Kerry Joseph prolly should have come out of the game. But thats not necessarily DB’s fault. Kerry could have easily said to danny he was ok to play. Also, Kerry Joseph isnt having a bad season. He also gets paid like 4 times what marcus crandell does. Benching an “elite” QB, you know the kind 99% of rider fans wanted isnt the answer either.

wut the h3ll is this guy talkin about? :lol: do you even know wut the h3ll is goin on in Rider land? :? :lol:

Don't bet on it.... I heard that rumour four weeks ago.

Whats that saying??? If there is smoke, there might be fire.

To be offensive coordinator with Kent Austin.

Now that rumour I made up!

Sounds plausible though! :wink: :wink:

I wouldn't be against Austin coming here. I think the guy is smart, his only problem in Toronto was that, well, he was in Toronto!
Maciocia wouldn't be bad either. Again, his problem is that his players suck. . .
As for Danny and Shivers. . . I think they both need to be let out, unless they win the Grey this season. I've always been a Barrett fan, but when he's 3-4 with the talent we have this season? Ugh. . .

Danny Maciocia was a fill in, he took a good strong team that was getting old in the tooth and didn't do anything with it.

They lucked out last year when BC imploded. I mean why do you thing Higgens left.

In terms of Austin, not enough experience to be head coach. But there are others.

By watching this game it became clear early on, the focus was French because Calgary wouldn't expect it. That was not only stupid, but down right dumb. The shake up has to happen sooner rather then later.

A 9 & 9 season is not going to cut it this year. Get rid of Barrett and Shivers.

Just fire the coach,and relace Kerry Joseph with Marcus Crandell. Saskatchewan has nothing to lose. What have they done so far?
Wow. I couldn't disagree more. Although it now looks like KJ needs time to heal.