Austin tells it like it is

I have to admit I give props to Austin for telling it like it is in the post game interview. I am sure in the locker room he is doing a lot of chest poking and telling players to pull their heads out of their behinds.

As he said "great observation of the obvious".

You can really tell that Austin is personally embarassed by the effort of certain players, and he is very angry as a result, One thing is certain, Austin will weed out these pretenders and fix this team until it clicks. It may take a whole season, or longer, based on the injury situation and some of the pineapples who Austin inherited as "players" on this team, but it will get done.

Interesting comment was "I'll have to try and figure out how to field a team". How does that happen when you have a roster of 75 players ? Cutting Baillargeon doesn't look great right now.

He should have said "i should have kept george cortez on staff, he is much better than whom i hired"!

talk is cheap. i want action.

don't be like Kavis Reed; threaten consequences, then do nothing.

ITs not the players fault in my books they get an B for effort it's the quality / experience at each position and our injury bug I think coaching is doing a good job and I trust Austin he will turn this team around but it's going to take longer and be harder as the players they have chosen are not the right combination to do great things right now . An example from another sport you have to build a team from the ground up : I watch lots of soccer the other football ! the Germans have spent years building and have spent a Billion dollars $! Over the last decade from youth programs to club teams eg FC Byern Munich and FC Dotmand it was no fluke that it was a ALL GERMAN champions League Final Fc Byern Munich is ranked #2 in the world and the national Team is #2 they have youth and experience wait till World Cup next year ! I know we are all sad about our beloved team but I have faith That the Caretaker is not an undertaker and Austin Is not a failure they are building a great team and I am sure the puzzle will finally ,yes finally , come together :thup:

A very sad Ticats fan but keeping the faith

I for one am still behind Austin at this point, and I do not wish to see him canned, no matter how this season ends up.

Yes, must stay the course with Austin.

Hire and fire has to stop.

There has to be one more in there to fire Mitchell ?

Cutting Knowlton etc. was nothing ?

Yep, I like Austin too, and I like that he sorts the players out when they mess up on the field while they are coming off. I read on some other post here that it hurts the players feelings and makes him feel bad...well then maybe a hug would work better.

I do think the offense he is running sucks, far too much passing and Austin blaming it on Lamar getting injured is BS. Lamar is not a RB, too small and can't power the holes; who would you take Sheets or Lamar - no brainer. We need a Jesse Lumsden type player, just with stronger bones. I say trade Lamar to another team for their step in RB that sees some play each game but is not a starter. Suffice to say, I am not a Lamar fan; drops the ball too much, lets it bounce before catching it (so he won't drop it), can't break a tackle and runs too much E-W instead of N-S.

Austin has been given the difficult job of taking over a team that has been mismanaged for years.
The fact is that Bob O'billovich , especially in the last two years, did a bad job of obtaining talent
for this organization. This especially applies to the Canadian talent on this team. It also applies to
the defensive side of the ball . Defensively our weakness in the secondary and D-line has gone ignored for years.
It has not been the coaches it has been the players. Too many were just not good enough.
The solution will take time but if Austin is given the resources to do it he will upgrade the talent and get this
thing turned around. I already like the changes he has made. He needs to make more.