Austin steps down

june jones is a great hire. one of the greatest mid major coaches of all time. should never have left. he is going to do well in hamilton in '18

Well, this means the Cats have given up on 2017.

The rest of the season are pre-season games for 2018.

The players had clearly abandoned Austin. Something had to be done and it makes sense to try something now rather than later. When you replace mid season the best solution is to promote from within and see who's available in the off season when the most coaches are available.
They had to try something. They're 0-8, 6 points out of a playoff spot with the worst offense and defense in the league by a significant margin. How could it get much worse?

Yes give big money to those 2 jokers who would not succeed in cfl
then be short cash to get quality team players. Nice disaster plan.
Spend another 5 years in basement. See if that help's cats fans.

Not much to say here but completely agree, step one is complete. :-\

I do think Kapernick would make a fine CFL qb but he's "tainted" with some NFL success and I don't see that he would be motivated enough and would end up being an average CFL qb. Best to develop a qb from the ground up if Collaros isn't the man, which I'm not convinced of this, he doesn't have a lot around him and any qb needs that. Not sure with his injuries if his "best before" date is edging up quicker than it should. Don't know.

Manziel, unless others know otherwise, seems like a total f....u. I would stay light years away from that disaster even though I thought earlier he might work out but I don't think so as I'm not sure that head of his has enough screws to keep it working.

If he stays...

Blasphemy! He is a future star of the CFL and a franchise player. Utterly foolish to just give up on a player of this caliber.
Or at least Argo fans said when they let him get away. :wink:

Lets look at the spiral down here.

Asst Coaches jump.

FA's not wanting to re sign.

There is something wrong when people do not want to return.

Perhaps Austin had to many hats and power control.

First half of 2015 was a dream for the Cats, then it all went south.