Austin steps down

New HC is June Jones

Here is the link per TSN

It says Austin appointment Jones as the new HC. I take it Austinis stayingin the organization andjust be VP of football ops now. Has a contract through 2019 anyways.

Better to make this change now so Jones can use the rest of this season to evaluate who he wants to keep around for next season which should give him a better starting point for next season. (at least I hope that is the case).

Great offensive mind and someone with previous CFL experience (which is also important).

At this point anything to shake up the Ticats is a good thing and worth trying.

May look like a step forward but its actually not. Mass confusion for sure.

Well I`m certainly going to miss the Austin post game pressers. Not sure Drew Edwards will though.

Never a good thing when a team has to change coaches mid-season. My fellow Als fans can certainly attest to that.

From the explanation of how June Jones was recruited by the team, I sensed Austin being squeezed out by Tillman and Mitchell. I would not be surprised to see Austin departing in the off-season with a settlement.

think that something or other is bound to happen sometime in Rider town too you know. Noel Thorpe hired head coach and Chris Jones concentrate on DC-GM duties. Cheers idealsheldon

Here is June Jones’ CFL experience (along with his 3 weeks as assistant coach with the Ticats).

“This isn’t the 64-year-old’s first stint in the CFL. He was co-offensive coordinator for the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1986.”

The Ticats are putting a coach of american football, with virtually no CFL experience as head coach. This kind of move usually fails…

Thanks for finishing my thought. I`m still a rookie working with the new format.
As far as a HC replacement for Jones, you can do better than Noel Thorpe.

Jason Maas - Edmonton [ Head Coach June Jones, yup I'll be picking Hamilton over Toronto at THF ]

But the guy he replaced had tons of CFL experience as a head coach and look how that turned out… :o

I`m also curious to know what exactly Austin will be doing when he shows up to work tomorrow.

He still has the VP title, but he`s not a personnel guy and the team already has an experienced GM in Tillman.

I can easily see Austin polishing his resume.

Anyone else remember Bart Andrus?

Anyone else remember Marc Trestman? Won 2 grey cups coming in as an american HC with no prior cfl exp. Goes both ways. He has the rest of the season to prove himself and if it doesnt work out, dandy. We know this going into the offseason so we can interview candidates rather than holding onto Austin until years end and appointing Jones.

Maybe Austin could come over as head coach and jones could take gm, and d. ???

Major shake up, whether that will have any influence on the on filed product is doubtful.

aka Count Barfula?

Necessary move in an area where the 'natives are restless'. Can't be too happy with supposed body-finder Eric Tilman's acquisitions, either!
My guess- shovel-face puts on a spirited play for either/or Colin Kapernick, Johnny Manziel - and sends The Collar (Zack) to Sask'n for some draft picks and maybe 1 import WR. Caretaker Bob would also have to pay a portion of Collar's salary to make this kind of deal happen!

Restless is an understatement. This start to the season and the finish of last has been inexcusable. Step 1 is complete. Now Austin has to stay out of Jones' way and start scouting and trading. Manziel up here for say 700k (150k or so more than Zach) might be what it takes to turn this team around