Austin Roster Moves

I think Austin has done a great job revamping the defensive backfield thus far ;

Adding 2 good cornerbacks in Mccullough and Beasley. We have not had a decentr corner in who know ho w long and now we have a couple good ones .

Not signing Young and Tisdle were smart moves as well .

Dee Webb, Bo Smith, and Colclough reamin to battle for the 2 halfback spots
and Patrick will be our new safety .

We also have Hinds and Buckner as canadians who have started if we look to move the ratio around .

I am still concerned about our lack of true Rush End ...IT'S nice to see the Canadian depth added to teh DLINE in Willimas and Buclke..but we need a rush end to go with Peguise .
I am guessing we keep the same 3 linebackers MK, RW, JJ ...

any ideas where we can get some good pass rushers ?

anyone have any odeas what to expect from Fred Plesius ? Moe Petrus ? and the other canadian db drafted high ..

Does anyopne think mcpherson might come this way

I just found out about MARECLLUS BOWMAN ? Wonder what this means for Jamal Johnson and Rey Williams ?

While Deon Beasly played CB,while in Winnipeg, Evan McCollough was not a CB in Toronto but a DB; not saying that he can't be a CB,but that was not his position in Toronto.

Your best option as a DE would be Rickey Foley.


Austin has done a great job so far.

Also like RichardVeilleux posted, Evan Mccullough played Half Back not Corner for the Argos. We have Ryan Hinds and Matt Bucknor for one Corner spot and Beasley on the other. So Dee Webb and Bo Smith should have to battle for one Half Back spot.

So what I think will happen is if Bo Smith wins the battle we will see Dee Webb backing up James Patrick, and if Webb wins we will see Bo Smith back up McCullough and Webb. One thing is for certain, we have better quality depth in the secondary. We could also see Ricardo Colclough backing up Markieth Knowlton this season.

All I know is I'm excited to see how Coach Austin puts all these talented players together in training camp. Our defense is shaping up quite well so far, and our offense was great last season and our only real weakness was O-line depth which has also been addressed with a little more work to be done(Draft/previous draft picks coming to camp) we could have a very strong team this season and it just sucks we will have to travel all the way to Guelph to support them lol.

Take a look at the argos depth chart for 2012 and 2011 and you will see mccullough has playerd HB AND CB and I am thinking they will look at him at corner due to their lack of a good cover corner and because they have some decent HBS in Colclough. Wenn. Smith

Don't forget Bo Smith has played corner before. Evan McCollough played his best football at half, in my opinion.

With what we have right now, I think the best combination is:

CB: Smith
CB: Bucknor/Hinds (Interchangeable)
DB: McCollough
DB Webb

I'm not a fan of Patrick, but if they're committed to playing an American at safety, I would like to see the following:

CB: Beasley
CB: Bucknor/Hinds
DB: McCollough
DB: Smith
S: Webb

Keep inmy mind this is just my opinion and sense based on the moves they are making . I think Austin feels the defensive backfield was our weakedst area and because of that he feels thay cannot afford to use a non import there at this time . they have not had a good cover corners for the longest time and have not had a true saferty either ,
This is why they grabbed Mccullough , Beasley and Patrick . These will occupy 2 corner spots and the safety and Colclough , Smith and Webb would be the halfbacks with Smith/ Hinds g up the corners and Hinds and Stephan/ Bucknor backing up safety

I am not quite sure what is going on with The DLINE and linebackers ?

We need a true rush end and noen of these mves solved that ..I think getting Shomari gavce us oprions and replaced KANYA on specialty teams ..Shomario can play weak side linebacker or Defensive End . Austin says Defensice End so I am guessing this emans they want to play at least one on import on the DLine .Simoni Lawrence can play middle linebacker or weak side linebacker and so Can Marecllus Bowman ...I am wondering if Austin might be open to a 3 -4 defence with Torrey Davis at the Nose Tackle and Peguise and Shmori Williams as Ends and a linebacking crew of ( Knwlton , Rey Willams / Lawrence, Jamal Johnson AND Bowman )

I am not sure how Bulcke would be used ether ...

I do sense that Jamal Johnson and / or Rey Williams could get release based on these acquisition of Bowman and Lawrence