Austin passes the torch

Eric Tillman GM, Allemang and Burke assistant GM

And moves up? Vice-president of Football Operations? Was that announced previously?

So I'm assuming from this that Austin is still Tillman's boss. Right?

Funny to think there were some who insisted Rusty would NEVER, ever, be a GM in this league again.

Hate to say I toadaso, but you know what? I toadaso.

No, don't think so, Tillman will be the General Manager of the Tiger Cats while Austin is the "vice-president" of the football operations only.

Make no mistake, this is still Austin's Team
The pecking order will be

  1. Bob Young
  2. Scott Mitchell
  3. Kent Austin
  4. Eric Tillman

This could grease the skids for Orlondo Steinauer to become Head Coach next season if Austin decides to step aside

The CFL is the only league where someone who sexually assaulted a teenager would be allowed to be an executive. Terrible but nothing surprising really.

does everybody in Halifax like to make mountains out of mole hills?

Not excusing his actions but its been dealt with and hes been given another chance. Hes been here as long as Kent Austin and no issues whatsoever. The only thing that concerns me about this move is that god awful Ricky Ray trade. The year before that was almost a ticat aquisition but a new contract couldnt be agreed upon. Considering what the esks got we probably couldve give them a bag of footballs and a case of gatorade and called it a day

[b]HfxTC wrote:[/b] The CFL is the only league where someone who sexually assaulted a teenager would be allowed to be an executive. Terrible but nothing surprising really
Are you for real? I don't even know how to respond to such ridiculousness. :roll: :roll: :roll:

For the benefit of the doubt consider this 15_champo fan; Perhaps Ray wanted out of Edmonton and made it perfectly clear, no matter what I ain't playing for Hamilton. But the Argos, hell yea cause I sure as hell ain't playing for the Eskimos any longer.

Here is the reaasoning of the Ti-Cats head office moves as outlined by Ti-Cats beat reporter Drew Edwards.

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Here are the two things you need to know about Friday’s Ticat news: Eric Tillman is the new general manager and Kent Austin is still in charge.

The simplest interpretation is that Tillman’s promotion from U.S. scout – along with the addition of assistant general manager titles for director of football operations Shawn Burke and director of Canadian scouting Drew Allemang – is that it’s recognition of an already established set of circumstances. Tillman has played a significant role in player personnel since being hired by Austin just a few months after he took over football operations 2013 – as have Burke and Allemang – and these new titles better represent the status quo.

But Austin signed his own four-year extension in January and it’s clear he’s got big plans for the front office, the totality of which would be difficult to execute without more outside help. The Ticats are, quietly, moving steadily onto the cutting edge.

“How we’re building football operations, from overall player development to analytics, to player procurement to high-performance and sports science – there’s a lot of different projects that I have in the long-term vision for building this team, ? Austin said. “As a result, all the roles have expanded and it was appropriate to provide the titles for the expanded roles.

And as much as Austin has come to rely on Tillman, Burke, Allemang and others, this should not be seen – in any way – as a lessening of Austin’s role.

It was Austin who suggested this front office remake and he knows he’ll be the one who is ultimately judged by the results. “All final decisions as they relate to football operations still rests with me, ? he said. “And I’m going to be the one accountable.?

So Austin is not really passing the torch.

What gets lost in this is the promotion of Allemang and Burke, who are both Canadians.
They started at the bottom and have earned their promotions

Burke and Allemang grew up as Ticats staffers. Burke started in community relations and Allemang in the equipment room.

Allemang’s father, Marv, was an offensive lineman with the Ticats in 1978 and from 1982-1986, playing a key role in Hamilton’s Grey Cup Championship in 1986. Drew’s uncle, Kent Carter, also played for the Tiger-Cats from 1976-78.

Burke joined the Tiger-Cats in 2007 and has served in numerous roles, including director of football operations, director of football administration, and director of community relations and communications.

In his new role, the native of Guelph, Ont. will continue to supervise the football operations support staff, administrate the salary management system, organize the team’s travel arrangements, assist with contractual issues, plan and implement training camp, and coordinate free agent workouts and camps.

Burke, a graduate of the Durham College Sports Administration program, also spent four years at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (2003-07) in roles with the Raptors Foundation and in Youth and Minor Hockey Development with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I have always respected Austin and his Abilities; playing, coaching, managing.
I've never ever respected Tillman. :cowboy:

All I’m going to say is good luck with that POS Hamilton. I have no respect for that man . For what he did off the field is unexcussable and for what he did to the Eskimos I’m surprised he is even allowed in another CFL stadium. Hopefully you have more luck then we did, for so long the Ticats were such a bad team but have turned things around to be one of the best in the CFL . Hope he doesn’t ruin a good thing.

May I introduce you to something called The National Felon League. Perhaps you've heard of it?

If the rest of us would have gotten caught doing the stupid poop we all have done, nobody here would be employed. He made a stupid mistake, he paid the price, we move on.

You've sexually harassed a minor? Speak for yourself, and you too should not be employed, incidentally.

Fans' willingness to sweep his crimes under the rug is revolting but not surprising.

just like if you roll through a stop sign at 1 mile an hr, you are a traffic criminal legally deserving of a ticket.

Ah, thanks for reminding me of why you're on my ignore list. Yes, of course, a 20-click "stop" is exactly equivalent to sexually harassing a minor. Of course. No difference. :roll: :roll:

talking about degrees if you can understand that.

the degree of a slow roll through a stop sign is the same degree of "sexual harassment" that tillman was guilty of.

A guy steals a dollar, he is still a thief
A woman slaps a man, assault
A driver touches another cars bumper in a parking lot, no damage, and then continues on, hit and run
Someone steps a few feet onto a persons property to retrieve a ball, trespassing.
One mile over the speed limit, speeding

A single incident, where no clothes were removed, no private parts were touched, no invitation to touching, with mitigating circumstances and quick forgiveness by "victims" family, equals same as above samples.

and you, or anyone else, ignoring me makes as much difference as a people failing into the middle of the ocean