Austin passes the torch

Since Austin has relinquished the GM's job, has he given up the GM's portion of his salary as well? Or is Bob Young being duped into paying two different employees to do the same job?

Is this sarcasm? I can't tell.

You really think that Kent gave up salary? Or that they're doing this to trick Bob Young? :cowboy:

Ya Right! Bob Young is being duped by Austin, It is his master plan to screw Caretaker over. :?

If the VP Football Ops fires the Coach can the coach sue the VP and get a big settlement?

Actually, this reminds me of what almost happened with the Blue Jays. If Anthropolous became President, the word was that they would hire a GM to do the business side while AA would have still ruled the roost on the player development side of things.

Actually. I think the Riders had this same scenario a few years back. Miller was V.P., hired Taman as G.M/ and then became H.C. again. So Taman was Millers Boss from a G.M. - H.C. situation, but Miller was Tamans boss from V.P - G.M/ situation. Anyway, Austin is THE BOSS. As for the talk on Tillmans past, The guy has paid his dues big time. Whoever of us who have never got a second chance in life, then feel free to question his hiring. The guy is a great person. If you don't believe me just ask the girl and her family that pressed the charges. They have regretted it ever since, and are great friends again.

I was a fan of murphy's little pissant until he dissed paopao. Only thing I have against him.

Good scenario for ticats I think

nice interview with Tillman...even if he mentioned we drafted Aprile when I think Winnipeg drafted him. LOL

I like it.

Nice read here on a one on one with Tillman and Drew Edwards

The GM maneuvering that I most remember Tillman by is when he raided the Ticats in the Dispersal draft. I guess that was in his time with Ottawa.
Took a starting Canadian O-Lineman (I remember he was a school teacher) and a starting Import O-Lineman Seth Dittman. 2 starters off our O-Line and we were never the same for years.
We might even of lost another player in there too....OUCH!!!

Carl Coulter was the Canadian O-Lineman.