Austin passes the torch

Eric Tillman GM, Allemang and Burke assistant GM


Big news, Tillman is definitely experienced, There is some past baggage that some will not overlook.
The other have earned their promotions.
I would guess that Tillman will be in charge of the upcoming draft
Austin must have found it just too crazy to handle it all,

Can anyone tell me if there is precedent for the VP of football ops to also be the head coach when he is not the GM? Seems like Austin is both Tillman's boss now and his subordinate?!

A great guy and a huge asset to this team.

Stop concerning yourself with his past ... it's long gone ... if Kent Austin believes in Eric Tillman then so do I.

I hope this is the last time it is brought up.

Can the GM fire the coach?

That does seem to be a strange org chart.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 11m11 minutes ago
New #Ticats GM Eric Tillman & assistants Allemang & Burke all signed 3-year extensions. Valuable continuity in the front office. CFL

.@rodpedersen - "If I was awarded a #CFL franchise, Eric Tillman would be my 1st choice as my General Manager." #CFL via @sportscage

.@lucmull95 - "Not much of a job change. Just title change. TIllman's a football guy. Eric's a great evaluator of talent." #CFL via @620ckrm

.@lucmull95 - "Now Tillman has title and the pay he deserves. The #Ticats are the team to beat in the East." #CFL via @sportscage

I'm sure we all knew Tillman would end up in a full time capacity with the Tiger-Cats. He is a great talent spotter and I'll bet he will be a huge asset to the team.
This team is well on it's way to becoming a powerhouse......on the field and in the front office.

I think we may see the HC torched passed to Orlondo next year as well.

Good point d&p. There should have been more thought given titles before ordering the business cards.

Well said...Tillman is a smart football man and will see us to the Cup for many years.

Great point tcmike! This certainly makes sense
It will be either promote him or lose him.

Are you really saying that you'd prefer to replace Austin with Steinhauer? Seriously?

I am not saying that at all, I would prefer Austin as a matter of fact.
Orlondo's contract expires after this season, IMHO he will be a Head Coach in the CFL, If Austin is considering stepping aside as H/C, then Orlondo would be my choice, Austin likes continuity and it would be Austin's decision

Sorry, I disagree about Austin stepping aside for Steinauer next year. KA is only in his early 50s, and I think loves coaching too much to be ready to give it up. Whether or not Steinauer moves on next year to a HC position will depend on whether there is one available. If there are no opportunities he will probably stay, possibly on a one year extension in order to keep his options open.

A great hire for you guys.

It should be known that both Allemang and Burke are Canadians
Burke and Allemang grew up as Ticats staffers. Burke started in community relations and Allemang in the equipment room.

Allemang’s father, Marv, was an offensive lineman with the Ticats in 1978 and from 1982-1986, playing a key role in Hamilton’s Grey Cup Championship in 1986. Drew’s uncle, Kent Carter, also played for the Tiger-Cats from 1976-78.

Burke joined the Tiger-Cats in 2007 and has served in numerous roles, including director of football operations, director of football administration, and director of community relations and communications.

In his new role, the native of Guelph, Ont. will continue to supervise the football operations support staff, administrate the salary management system, organize the team’s travel arrangements, assist with contractual issues, plan and implement training camp, and coordinate free agent workouts and camps.

Burke, a graduate of the Durham College Sports Administration program, also spent four years at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (2003-07) in roles with the Raptors Foundation and in Youth and Minor Hockey Development with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Why the Ticats promoted Eric Tillman to GM
Posted on March 12, 2016 by Drew Edwards

[b]Here are the two things you need to know about Friday’s Ticat news: Eric Tillman is the new general manager and Kent Austin is still in charge.

The simplest interpretation is that Tillman’s promotion from U.S. scout – along with the addition of assistant general manager titles for director of football operations Shawn Burke and director of Canadian scouting Drew Allemang – is that it’s recognition of an already established set of circumstances. Tillman has played a significant role in player personnel since being hired by Austin just a few months after he took over football operations 2013 – as have Burke and Allemang – and these new titles better represent the status quo.

But Austin signed his own four-year extension in January and it’s clear he’s got big plans for the front office, the totality of which would be difficult to execute without more outside help. The Ticats are, quietly, moving steadily onto the cutting edge.

“How we’re building football operations, from overall player development to analytics, to player procurement to high-performance and sports science – there’s a lot of different projects that I have in the long-term vision for building this team, ? Austin said. “As a result, all the roles have expanded and it was appropriate to provide the titles for the expanded roles.?

Austin’s relationship with Tillman goes back more than 30 years, and loyalty likely played a role in the invitation to join the Ticats in the first place: Tillman was coming off a GM stint with the Edmonton Eskimos in which the defining moment was the trading of quarterback Ricky Ray, and he was still in the swirl of a 2008 sexual assault charge to which he pleaded guilty and was given an absolute discharge.

Tillman has apologized numerous times but the incident will remain the defining moment of his career for some CFL fans. Austin, however, has stood by his friend.

And as much as Austin has come to rely on Tillman, Burke, Allemang and others, this should not be seen – in any way – as a lessening of Austin’s role.

It was Austin who suggested this front office remake and he knows he’ll be the one who is ultimately judged by the results. “All final decisions as they relate to football operations still rests with me, ? he said. “And I’m going to be the one accountable.?[/b]

[url=] ... man-to-gm/[/url]

After the TiCats win the Grey Cup this year, Austin may choose to pass the torch to Orlondo. You never know! The Tillman announcement is great for the organization going forward. Now we need an Oline coach signing and we’re ready to go. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

From Drew Edwards story:

It was Austin who suggested this front office remake and he knows he’ll be the one who is ultimately judged by the results. “All final decisions as they relate to football operations still rests with me, ? he said. “And I’m going to be the one accountable.?

If he has the final decisions, then Tillman cannot fire Austin without his okay. :smiley:

I think what this spells is Austin cherishes being the head coach. It probably ultimately comes down to it is too damn hard to be HC/GM. Austin passes off some of the day to day GMs job to his buddy and well respected experienced CFL vet Tillman. retains final say on decisions and direction of the team.
What will eventually play out as an earlier poster mentioned is that Orlando will be recruited out as a head coach. there is no further room for advancement with the Cats for him. Lets hope he coaches up the D to a spectacular level again and leaves the team as a Grey Cup champ.
In the end it amounted to promoting OS to head coach and have Austin take over as GM or have Austin entrenched as coach and give Tillman more responsibility.
My take is Austin is a coach first and foremost and that is why this org change has taken place.

I don't see why Steinauer would be seen as the automatic favourite to be the next head coach here. Austin is an offense first guy who has worked closely (and somewhat successfully) with Condell for many years. I would expect Condell to be first in line.