Austin or Tillman Redundant?

Austin previously wore all 3 hats of VP, GM and head coach. So then we bring in Tillman as GM to lighten Austin's workload. Since then Kent has given up the coaching and even his playbook looks to have been tossed.

My question is do we really need both Austin and Tillman? I'm thinking one of those guys can handle both the VP and GM positions since it is a common scenario on many teams.

Who really cares? It doesn’t effect the cap. It’s only Bob Youngs money to spend. Why start a thread where 99.9% of the people on this board cannot possibly have an educated opinion of how this organization is structured. Just because other teams management group is structured differently than ours, who’s to say what is the best way for a team to organize.
Sorry if I offend…don’t mean to?.

No offence here, you're spot on. Don't know, don't care, that decision is up to the guy who signs the cheques.

Wow. I didn't expect to see such apathy or disregard for the owner's pocketbook. I'm not sure if the Cat's and Caretaker are finally making a profit or at least breaking even, but these aren't the Dallas Cowboys. Austin and Tillman are paid pretty well and if one of them can do both jobs, then the team could probably trim a little fat as do most other businesses with redundancies.

The financial health of the franchise is pretty important after what this team and league has gone through over the last 20 to 30 years.

Both Austin and Tillman have contracts that must legally be honored.

They are still paid whether they are fired or not.

Tillman reports to Austin. Smaller salary too I assume. If I'm Austin I move proactively to dump Tillman at the end of the season, as a self-preservation measure.

Sounds about right to me.

I suppose I feel that where and how Mr Young decides to spend his money is his decision, and he does not require my opinion or permission to spend it. If he feels the input of both Austin and Tillman are valuable, then he will keep them on staff, if not, then one or even both could be gone, I suppose.

He is free to buy his coffee at a Horton’s or a Starbucks, it is up to him.

I have to agree how Bob Young sets up his management team and how he spends his money is none of my business.

It seems that most teams had injury problems and it seemed like they were able to overcome it with depth, I don't see that happening in Hamilton.

His money or the fans money?

This was and is his privately owned team and his money. Fans pay for the privilege of sitting in the stands. He needs fans but without HIS money there would be no team.

The people that keep saying that it’s none of our business are wrong. We’re not talking about the Caretaker’s personal wardrobe here. This is a team/franchise that has been an important part of our community and history for several decades now. Passionate fans should always be concerned about the financial state of their team. You want to see Mr. Young do well so that he never gets the inclination to sell or fold the team. Like what happened with the Rough Riders, Renegades, Expos, or other teams that were not financially viable. That’s why I see this as an important topic for the fanbase as well Mr. Young’s bottom line.

We have no idea what the inner workings of the front office look like, or what the teams current financial situation is. No one can have informed opinion on the subject, so there’s not really much to discuss.

OK, let the Carefaker waste his money as he sees fit.

However, I do not want to hear one hint of whining now or in the future from Young, Mitchell or anyone else within the organization about how the team can’t make a profit; can’t make a big enough profit; is losing money; has difficulty making money; etc., etc.

I have and probably will in the future whine about a lot of things to do with the Cats. I have never to my knowledge whined about the profit and loss statement, and, if it is within my power to do so, do not ever intend to start.

Get rid of Mitchell, many problems solved with this one move IMHO. Man gives me the willies. Hey I know, I'm not a true fan because I no longer attend games in person, I get it.

Or you’ll do what? Hold your breath? Stamp your feet? Cancel your two or four season tickets that will be snapped up by someone else within days? Ooooooooh.

Seymour actually get’s it. What he stated has actually been an ongoing problem since the Ballard era and on through Braley and so on. Most of the previous owners sustained heavy losses year after year and I’m not sure a lot of fans appreciate what it took to keep our Cats in the city of Hamilton.

If Mr. Young feels that he needs all of them, Mitchell, Austin and Tillman to make this team better then so be it. But if not then I’m sure that extra few hundred grand could be put to better use, such as scouting.