Austin...nothing but clASS

argos/ticats 5:00 min remaining 4th quarter

speedy B returning kickoff, pushed out of bounds .

Stala on sideline takes shot in the back from Austin. Austin casually walks away.

Nothing but clASS Kent, nothing but clASS. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Yeah, have to admit that was not cool. I can understand he was likely ticked off about the Banks knee in the back and the Argos doing something with Zach's facemask, but still not cool.

Lot of anger on the field in this one and won't hold it against the league if they drop a fine on Kent.

K, upon a second look I did also notice that Stala came dangerously close to hitting Kent, very late to the play. Still doesn't warrant it as it was doubtful it was intentional, but a bit more understandable.

On a 3rd look, it appears that Stala seemed to be in a rush to chirp Banks specifically. Getting a lot more quasijustified in my eye now.

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Cue Johnny dumb dumb

No point in stopping now.
Take a few more looks at it.
I'm sure it will be fully justified by then. :roll:

Cue Johnny dumb dumb

Nah, he'll be quiet for a day or so (don't like how his buddies d&p and hlxtc were supporting him)

And I agree, Stala was getting close to Banks

4th look, is appears that a trap door is concealed a mere few steps towards where Stala was stepping. Kent appears to shoulder him to save him from falling into said door.

Hey you were right Grey! Thanks! :lol:

I don't think there was anything to it. I'd bet if they had a picture of Austin as Stala was walking away, he probably gave him a wink.

But than again, Stala didn't see alot of playing time here under Kent so maybe there is some bad blood between the 2?

Well Kent is a pretty intense personality, we're constantly joking about how infrequently we see him crack a smile. It made him a great player, a better coach and probably a terrible dinner guest...

Fixed it for you.

Austin and Chris Jones....just can't keep it classy ! Possible GC match ?

Agree not pleased with Austin on the shove. Be classy if you win or lose. Its hard to preach discipline to your team. Practice what you preach.

The Argos are the ones who need to figure out discipline though with all the mental penalties they took. Wondering if Milanovich is losing control somewhat of his team. :?

Hey, this isn't tiddlywinks, Austin is one heck of a coach who sure might get a bit testy but that's him.

That's all fine and dandy, IF Austin got up in Stala's grill instead of a shot in the back and then walking away like he did nothing. If a player had done that everyone would be calling him a "cheap shot artist", but because it is an intense head coach that makes it acceptable?

chippy game. argo's were cheap after the whistle all game... maybe because they weren't any good before the whistle.

coach got emotional.

at least he didn't instruct the referee how to call an offsides penalty.

If??????? IF??????????? IF????????????? He never had control of this team. Discipline has been an issue for the Argos every since he took over. One of several reasons I can't wait for the Argos to fire him. Great OC, lousy HC.

Totally immature. Not surprised at all. He's always been a miserable dirt bag.