Austin not coach of the year!

Surprisingly to me Riders coach Chamblin is Coach of the Year

Since it's been the trend lately, they might has well change the award to the Grey Cup Winning Coach Of The Year Award. Austin got burned on this one.

two thirds of the votes

"Coach Chamblin received 39 out of 59 first place votes for Coach of the Year!"

And OMG!!! PLEASE!!! get TSN to do these things, the production is grade school quality. :roll:

Give me a break. "We threw out the playbook and let Henry improvise".

He may not be the CFL Coach of the Year but he is Hamilton's Coach of the Year.

I have a very good feeling about our future with Austin at the proverbial "helm".

Coach of the year in the CFL

3 finalists in an 8 team league
2 teams don't make the playoffs
3 finalists to pick from 6 playoff teams
1 team wins championship = Coach of the year

Chamblin directed traffic and stayed out of Cortez's way for the best Cup money could buy. Since there's no award for that they give out CoY.

Not surprised it's the way the CFL reporters and media pick for Coach of the Year. There's No Doubt Kent Austin had the toughest road of all three to overcome and diversity and adversity he is still the best coach in the CFL.

Corey Chamblain of Saskatchewan is a good coach but he had a team in place that Tamen added to last year and many report over blew the Salary Cap again to get a Winning Team and the people who vote on the Coach of the Year don't see this, they only see a guy who won the Grey Cup as coach, so they give to him.

Let's build a great team here in Hamilton Kent Austin and a team that dominates for years to come.

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!

I don't know about the best. Buono, Hufnagel, Milanovich are pretty damn good. But he's in that group, now lets see if he commits to an organization longer than a couple years.

not a huge shock considering 10 of the past dozen COTY winners are from Grey Cup champion teams.

Huff and the Stamps easily produced the best overall season record in the entire league, although floundered in post which appears to bear a large significance in the voting process.

meanwhile, the second place Riders went 6-7 down the stretch BUT won the Big Game.
Clearly winning the Cup is much more of a determining factor with COTY than any accomplishments through regular season.

congrats to Chamblin for a job well done. :thup:

A bloody outrage!

I'd have given it to Austin

Calgary +2
Saskatchewan +3
Hamilton +4

Calgary +1
Saskatchewan +1
Hamilton +2

Well deserved.

Chamblin has helped make the Riders into the juggernaut that they are, a powerful; team that totally dominated the Grey Cup.

I agree. It would have been nice to see Austin win, but Chamblin was very deserving.

Not to take anything away from Chamblin - since he did win the Grey Cup - but Austin overcame so many obstacles to get his team to the Grey Cup game.

  • New coach so new systems to install is tough enough in the best of circumstances but trying to do it when your team has so many distractions because they did not have a 'normal' home.
  • Film room/practice time lost week in and week out because they were having to bus the team between Mac and their downtown offices and locker room every practice
  • having to play 55 km from home in a temp facility
  • one of their nine 'home' games being a neutral site game in Moncton
  • Lots of injuries and player turnover resulting in over 80 different players dressing for games during the season ending up with one of the youngest rosters if not the youngest in the entire league
  • a 1 - 4 start (understandable in view of the above) but then led them to 11 wins in their next 15 games

To overcome all those things and make it to the Grey Cup game I just think is a more impressive than Chamblin's with their stacked roster from the get-go and having home field advantage for the Grey Cup game which I think had a big impact on that game.

No kidding!!!!! We'll just have to win the Cup next year for Austin to get that COY Trophy...GREY CUP Champs 2014 !!!!!
I still think it's hysterical that the "Team of the Year" and the "Coach of the year" lost to the Mighty Bombers who won only 3 games all year.You have to be pretty bad to lose to the Peg,let's see how Chamblin does at coaching next year when he doesn't have key players like Dressler and Sheets to make him look good.The Riders went 8-1 the first half of the season,3-6 the 2nd half,6-6 including play-offs and Grey Cup.Austin started out 1-4,went 9-4 the rest of the way and 11-5 including play-offs.What Austin did with this team last year was a miracle,what Chamblin did with his team was expected.No doubt about it Austin got screwed,but it goes with the perception the league has of us....No Rookie of the year,No All-Stars ,No respect at all.So I say screw them all !!!! Let's really piss them off and go out and win that Grey Cup next year.OSKI-WEE-WEE :x :cowboy:

I agree entirely! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Interesting that Barker won the COY in 2010 for turning the Argos around (without all the challenges Austin faced) and didn't even MAKE it to the Grey Cup game!

Proverbial "helm" ?

Please say it aint so, Austin is going to Play QB?

I just realized that the winning % against common regular season opponents in 2013 between Hamilton and Saskatchewan is

55 & 14/25ths (.56) for the TiCats


54 & 17/100ths (Sorry that it doesn't reduce to a lower common denominator ... 1/6th is close though?!?!)

When adding in playoffs ... each team has a winning percentage of 58 & 1/3rd.

Now of course Hamilton is 0-3 for the year against Regina ... And lost the Grey Cup to them ...

But I still don't understand all this talk of how much better a team SSK was than HAM going in 2013?

Sask had 11 wins in the regular season. Hamilton had 10. A split in the season series between the Riders & TiCats would've reversed that win total.

Hamilton played Eastern Division 4th Place Winnipeg 4 times, and beat them 4 times.
Saskatchewan played Western Division 4th Place Edmonton 4 times and only won 3 of 4.
Hamilton never lost to Winnipeg ... The Riders did.
Hamilton had a better winning percentage over Toronto & Montreal than Saskatchewan did over Toronto & Montreal.

I'm guess I'm just not sure I get this "Western" superiority when it comes to the CFL? Besides, hasn't the East won 3 out of the last 5 GC's?

A whole lot of nonsense from some bitter Ticats fans in this thread. Chamblin is the obvious coach of the year, as supported by the landslide vote. And spare me the inane "best championship money can buy". Ridiculous comments from a bunch of crybabies.