Austin moves to Cornell

I know everyone is still tracking Kent's career, so here is the latest:

Ole Miss offensive coordinator Kent Austin has been hired as Cornell’s new football coach, multiple sources close to the Big Red program confirmed Tuesday.

Cornell has scheduled a press conference for 10 a.m. Wednesday to announce the hiring. The head coaching position at Cornell has been vacant since December when Jim Knowles resigned to take an assistant coaching position at Duke University.

The sources requested anonymity because the announcement has not been made official by either school.

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Damn, not bad.

Wow.....good on Kent! Obviously garners respect on both sides of the border.

Impressive... and an Ivy league school to boot.

Not sure if I read this on Rod Pedersen's blog, or somewhere else, but Kent might be courting LaPolice to come to Cornell. That would be a big hit to our offense.

Correct me if I happen to be wrong (it sure wouldn't be the first time. . . )

But didn't Austin give as his explanation for leaving Saskatchewan the fact that he wanted to be back 'home' to coach at Ole Miss?

So now he's moving to New York to coach at Cornell?

Last time I looked at an atlas, Ithaca New York is a fair hike from Mississsippi. . .

So much for that explanation, I guess.

He went "home" because his Mother was very ill. I am not sure if this is correct but I believ that she has since passed on, so he really now has no reason to stay "home"

Yes. Kent's mother was very ill, and so he moved home. She passed away in 2008 or early in 2009 I believe, so it was good he was there.
Now his kids are getting to university age and an opportunity to get them into an Ivy League school is likely the motivating force here. 3 kids at 50k each is 150k a year to attend Cornell, IF they qualify. As coach, he can all but guarantee them entry, and it should be on a full scholarship. That is priceless in terms of his own ambitions as a coach. HC at Cornell is at best a lateral move career wise, but the perks are great.

thanks for the clarifications gang.