Austin media conference live on CBC Hamilton, 3 p.m.

At 3pm. scroll down

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Thanks Captain:

Just heard the news and although its a busy day, I'm sitting here awaiting the news conference.

I think Austin will be a welcome addition to the Ticats. Lets hope he doesn't get too pass happy

as he did in Toronto and forget about his running backs. above all, lets hope he makes a very

wise selection for our defensive coordinator.

Caretaker tweets Austin is GM as well

Bob Young @CaretakerBob 3m Driving with new #Ticats GM/HC Kent Austin to #carmens for announcement.

Run, pass, blitz, drop back...I don't care!

Just win baby!

Just watched the news conference. Kent Austin was very forth coming with answers for the media. He genuinely
appears thrilled to be here and has a plan that will go into effect immediately in terms of talent scouting methods
and communication back to him, with interviews with current personnel, including current assistant coaches and
bringing in new personnel as required.
Perhaps, Mitchell did something right on this one. He and Austin have been friends for many years.
I think the team took a giant step in the right direction today.


I liked the 2 past coaches, this one too.

Hope they give him a chance.

Also sounds like he wants to develop talent and use them by treating them as though they are part of the team not just objects to stand on the sidelines. Maybe LeFevour and Porter might get to see some action. I liked his statement that if you are on the field you are a starter. Sounds like he will be a players coach. Hope he brings in a strong DC and someone who will be helpful as an OC.