Austin making the team he wants

Its only been 2 months since the season ended and I’m happy to see he’s not sitting on his hands and saying this team was good enuff to go last year no doubt will be back this year. I like where he’s going with the deletions n the addition of collaros proves that he will mold n shape the team to his liking good job kent keep tweaking I have no doubt you’ll have a fine tuned machine before too long

Right on, Ticatbill! Kent Austin WILL mould a team together. Hopefully, this team will be Grey Cup winners

in the not too distant future. For now, lets show confidence in Austin and let him do his thing. :thup:

Better start thinking of increasing THF to 30k which should have been the size to begin with.

This quarterback should do very well with a pretty good team behind him…he should shine right away…if not poor old Austin will have made the screw up of his career…Please don’t let the Offensive coach call any plays for the quarterback…that is what was the downfall of Hank.

Perhaps you'd like to start a new thread. This one is about Kent Austin and moulding together a new Ticat team.

If you look at the current Cat roster,excluding FA and the 2 kickers,there is only 15 players left from before Austin arrived on the scene from the 2012 season.The Cats will have without a doubt the youngest team in the league next season and if Austin can keep this young core together here,the teams future will indeed look bright.Austin has slowly moved out the remnants of the Cortez and Belleviue regimes and firmly placing his stamp on who and what he is looking for in an Austin led team.I think that he is not yet finished with the tinkering and tweaks just yet,but he is getting close to a finished product,one that I believe will see us winning a Cup or two in the very near future.

NO Doubt about it and he should!!

That would be Austin. :roll: