Austin Mack

I’m happy that he signed with Atlanta. But, he was one of my favourite CFL receivers and I hate to see him go.

Even if he is eventually released, we probably won’t see him back until fall at the earliest.


Bummer. Hate to see him go but some else will step in


TORONTO — After a sensational 2023 campaign with the Montreal Alouettes, Austin Mack is taking his talents down south.

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I’m sorry to see you go because you always did something on the weekends that brightened my day. Good luck and best wishes young man!!


The Atlanta Falcons are in total re-build mode . The coach and GM are gone or soon to be . This is a big opportunity for Mack .

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That is a bummer for the Als and the League. He is a great young receiver. But maybe it will result in other talented players coming to the CFL to see of they can follow in his foot steps.


He’ll be back after the NFL is done dicking him around.

Good luck to Mack with the falcons. Sure There are a lot talent down south as receiver. It’s Up to Maciocia now to sign many prospects to discover one to replace him.

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