Austin Jr.

I see that KJ has picked up Austin's off field football habits as well as his on field. Maybe in 15 years he will come back, say sorry, and then lead us to our NEXT Grey Cup as a head coach! All I know is that if Football is A "religon" in Sask, then let the cruisifiction be on July 27, see you there!

i don't think KJ did anything wrong! He wanted more money(which he deservers) He didn't demand a trade(or did he, i don't know). He did not get mad at us the fans. I do have a problem with the trade though. It was so unexpected. Marcus Crandoll was supposed to be the QB that was going to get traded. Maybe KJ will come back and become the head coach, and lead us to another grey cup. But KJ did not get mad, and demand a trade like Austin did.

Thanks & Good Luck KJ!(except when u play the rider lol)

from what I heard from the team 1260 in Edmonton is that he demanded a trade since ET wasnt goin to accomadate him, but thats I get when I listen to Edmonton s**t.

I can't see KJ ever demanding a trade. From what i heard , and saw, KJ is an extremely nice guy. So, i can't see him ever demanding a trade from any team.

Well, thinking you're underpaid by a hundred grand can do strange things to a guy...

If Tillman think Crandle can Be the guy He is Mistaken.