Austin is an idiot after all

I hate giving up 2 pts, specially when there is no wind factor. stupid stupid stupid.

Yes...much wiser to allow the opposition instant field position by kicking it from the endzone...:roll:

tie game!

its called having some faith in your defense. Its called playing all facets of the game. Its called no surrender. What good is it to play the field position game if you lose by less than the total of the 2 points you gave up?

If if if...hindsight is always 20/20, and what works at the time (giving up the two) can always come back to bite you in the's two points, and a wise decision...both times.


he did well to hold on to it lol - not as good as the hit in the WF but still a highlight reel showing

I disagree,
You only have to give up 1 first down and they are in field goal range..

Who comes out on top there anyways...the hitter or the hittee who hangs on to the ball from the hitter? I say the hittee.


i say the time the hittee is gonna second guess or hesitate scared from the previous hit.

give up the play now, but get in his head for later.

Its called playing the percentages:)


$5 says The Guess Who show up during this song....

damn...guess i was wrong!

I'll take that five bucks...

great half time show tho....hope he keeps playin til the 2nd half. skip the panel!

Lenny sounds great...that's a definite...

Why would he second guess?...he made good didnt he? All night baby, DJ's a warrior.


damn....i want more songs!

I want my 5 bucks. :slight_smile:


I think giving up the points is deflating to the players. Not giving up the points tells the players you have faith in them and that is important.

I say that the most they would have given up by not giving up the 4 pts would have been one field goal, at most.

I say that the safeties had a negative effect on the team, specially the D. If this game comes down to a last drive by the bombers, the D will not get it done.

You give the other team the ball in your half of the field, you stop them, you deflate their offense instead of your own defense.

OTOH, joseph is making so many poor decisions today that it may all be moot.