Austin hired to coach Riders

Sportsnet is reporting that Kent Austin will be the next head coach in Saskatchewan. A press conference has been called for today.

excellent choice...can't argue there.

i suspect next season will be the best rider season in recent years....10-8? 11-7?

But I doubt they'll host a playoff game as usual. This is a monkey that is getting bigger every year, tough to shake for the Riders. 8)

Drummer, you seem upbeat about the choice. What do you know that the rest of us don't know.

I've got a wait and see attitude. I don't know much about his coaching record so I'm having a hard time to form an opinion. (Didn't he get released from the Argos last year?)

Good choice by the Rider organization! I thought Ritchie had a better chance than Austin but I think the Riders will do well with Austin!

I am not convinced. Austin was offensive coordinator for the Renegades, and their offence was nothing to be feared.

Then he spent a few years as offensive coordinator for Toronto, and Toronto won on their defence, not their offence.

Best that can be said is that the jury is out.

damon allen was in his 40's and won his only MOP when coached by austin....besides damon allen, who else has passed for over 4000 and rushed over 1000?....KERRY JOSEPH.

i think austin will beable to get the most outta joseph.

in austin's 2 and a half years in toronto, they won a grey cup in '04 and then finished 1st in the east, with damon taking MOP in '05...had damon not been injured last season, austin wouldnt have been fired.

the riders have always been sound defensivly, so tillman made the right decision in hiring an offensive coach, and keeping the same defensive guy, in hall.

i think the riders will be more of a threat and may even surpass the stamps for 2nd in the west ( they did knock them off in the playoffs ).

I'm not convinced this was a good choice. Austin is an unproven coach, as was Barrett....Tillman and Austin are even more chummy than Shivers and Barrett were.....

I refuse to be even remotely excited about this decision until the season starts.

You know I love the Riders, but they are in deep denial. If Eric Tillman ("Sometimes it's a little bit like trying to pick between Tyra Banks and Pam Anderson. There's not a bad choice,'' said Tillman, who did not tip his hand during Tuesday's yak session with the inquisitive media.) uses this kind of thought process to analyze his selections, you should start praying that Austin has a large enough porn collection to keep Tillman occupied long enough to bring the Green Giants to where their fans deserve for them to be.

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How will he keep K. Keith happy with his pass first offence.

Stay tuned for his press conference mea culpa to the fans

....i think its a good choice....Austin is one of the few people associated with a Cup team for the Riders...MAYBE he can bring back the magic...good luck to him....cept' when he goes up against the Bombers... :wink:

Should be a good choice, now all the Riders need is a quarterback.

It is a good choice, 'cause that means Chapdelaine & Ritchie are going to be staying put. :slight_smile:

And Greg Marshall cause hamilton ain't getting hum :smiley:

You are right hwgill, I should be endorsing this because it means Ritchie stays in Vancouver! :wink:

Dave Richie had no hope in Hell of getting it. Im pretty sure it was a done deal the moment Eric Tillman got the nod...

Does anybody honestly think Damon Allen deserved that award? I mean honestly... A lot of us on these threads at the time said that it was a "pity award"

Give credit to Marty York who predicted this move way back in August.

This is great.

  1. re-sign 3rd stringer qbs :thup:
  2. Rumours of losing #1 runningback :thup:
  3. Hire a "pass first" coach with QB's who can't pass.:thup: :lol:

Kent was not my first choice...or my second....or my third....or, well you get the idea.
But at the same time, there are lots of guys who can coach and unless somebody gives them the opportunity, nobody will ever know.
Coaching is as much about hard work, and I don't question Austin's work ethic, and being in the right situation with everyone pulling in the same direction as it is about any inherent ability to coach.
So given that, only time will tell if Austin can get the job done.
I personally think that experience helps on those other levels, so the road the Riders have chosen may be a little bumpier than it need have been, but obviously, I wish Kent nothing but good luck and success.
I think they will try to retain as many of the assistants as possible, and that will certainly help the rookie head coach.