Austin has the offer

According to this article, Austin has been made the offer from Ole' Miss.

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Austin has offer to coach Rebels offense
1/16/2008 5:56:41 AM
Daily Journal

Saskatchewan Roughriders coach Kent Austin has been offered the offensive coordinator position at Ole Miss, according to a source familiar with the search.

Austin, an Ole Miss quarterback from 1981-1985, led the Roughriders to the CFL championship this season, his first as coach.

In the time since Austin’s name surfaced as a candidate, Saskatchewan general manager Eric Tillman, also an Ole Miss alum, has been putting together what has been termed a “very attractive? offer to keep Austin in the CFL.

The offensive coordinator position is the only remaining vacancy on the staff of new Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt.

The vacancy occurred when David Lee, Nutt’s coordinator at Arkansas last season, accepted a job with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Lee was Austin’s quarterbacks coach for his first two seasons at Ole Miss, and he suggested that Nutt interview Austin.
Austin, 44, is expected to have a decision by the end of the week.

If he accepts, Thanks to Kent for completing a long journey for Rider Nation.

BUT! Hopefully, the incentive will appear to make him want to stay. I can't see how, he would be making the same money, likely have bigger opportuinities down the road, and only be 3 hours away from his home.

Riders have a news conference called for 12:00 at which time they’ll announce Kent Austin is stepping down as coach. I’m certain 620 CKRM will carry it live…


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To the Rider Fans..
I know what it is like to have your
Coach have an Offer to leave.
I was nervous about Charlie .
I am glad he is staying

as for Kent
I think riders have less to worry about.
They have a Good DC and OC they won't Miss a beat.
I see Hall as your next head coach.
I wish you all the best unless your playing Hamilton.

Dissapionting.....I was really looking forward to see what this team could do in their second year with coach Austin at the helm, however I understand these types of decisions are never easy and the opportunity to go home more often than not outweighs every other offer. Good luck to Kent and his family.

You know, I heard a quote today that has been said many times in the past, that this is the price of success. At first, I was upset and disappointed as this is the tale in Saskatchewan. The Greats typically all “pass through” here, with some very notable exceptions. Now that this has sunk in somewhat, this is actually a proud day for Saskatchewan, as the eyes of the football world are on us, BECAUSE of the winners and talent we are oozing right now. Complete losers don’t get head hunted. Complete winners have head hunters filling their voice mail to oblivion. I prefer the latter.

I am very sorry to see Kent go, but he nows leaves as a champion. And he was ours! We were lucky enough that he chose to come here.

Makes me wonder, what the blazes was in the water in Toronto???

NOW, what will be interesting is seeing what Tillman will do. That guy has definately earned his paycheck since coming to Rider Nation.

Stay Tuned!

I'm sad for us, but happy for Kent. Whoever (Richie Hall?) replaces Kent will have big shoes to fill, but with the talent we have, we can do well, and maybe repeat!

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