Austin has lost his marbles beacause....

The play calling is supicious. As all the above posters have said, going for a 3 to 4 yard pass on second and long is nuts.... but Zach doesn't have time in the pocket to set up for a deep pass. Two new O-line guys in the past two weeks. How do you gain confidence with them if you are always under pressure? Who are you going to look for when a deep pass is there? Man, I would like to see Gurley get a shot if there isn't a definite reason not to sign him.

IIRC, Gurley was one of the three receivers that Barker cut all at once (Elliott being one of them) who were rumoured to be the bad apples of the team. Perhaps that’s why Gurley is still unemployed…

Gurley has a lot of player upside. However, there must be a behaviour attitude issue that all GM's are not willing to accept. Austin does not want a player who is going to disrupt the locker room regardless of his on field play. Corky (Chris Jones) on the other hand is big on attitude just as long as the attitude is not directed towards him.

Hey Crash, we’re gonna debate this till the cows come home!..agree to disagree? They are working together in harmony like the band on the Titanic!

Zack is too slow for rolling out which was a strength he had before. Play calling is terrible as are the offensive schemes. Sick and tired of seeing 3 to 4 yard passes. We need someone who can throw the long pass and some receivers that are tall, quick and can catch the ball. Been watching the same stuff since caretaker got here. Seldom any stars on the team. A club top heavy with executives.

I agree Crash. People that have seen Zack and the lack of time he has to throw the ball and these people are asking for “his head”… they don’t know what they are talking about! We don’t have a QB problem. We have a front line problem!

Zach has 0 Wins for his last 11 starts but showed improvement tonight.
Everyone needs to be patient.

Right. Maybe another 11 losses.
Calm down everyone.

When Glenn suitor of all people say that Zack has to play like Doug Flutie to complete passes… you know there’s a problem.

That was possibly the worst pass protection I’ve ever seen for a full game.

No time to throw. 4 man rush....3 man rush....2 man didn't matter.
Zach had no time at all.

He looked pretty chuckin elusive in the 4th quarter. Zero protection… every snap looked like it was a screen play set up

Was there anyone still watching that did not know Zach was going to be throwing on every down in the 4th quarter? Of course he was running for his life. What DC (besides ours) would not send pressure, jam receivers, and play close coverage. The opposition doesn't have to wait three steamboats before attacking the QB.

He looked pretty chuckin elusive in the 4th quarter. Zero protection.... every snap looked like it was a screen play set up
Yeah. Maybe if they had actually tried to call a screen play, it would have worked!

They did. Gable caught it and was tackled before he could turn around.

I blame Collaros.

If anything that’s Kent’s fault Crash, June Jones can only do so much

He fired his defensive coach while the offence sucks.
He ran the same terrible offence he has run all year with the same results.
He has never taken Collaros out for a series after losing 12 straight games.

And you expected a completely changed Offence and Defence after a single week of practice? The Defence continues to suck, but that is easier to change than waving a magic wand and turning the O-Line into the Great Wall of Hamilton…

Caretaker do something !


I’m sure just because you’reasking he will jump right on it!!! You have spoken.

The D played much better this week; at least they were stopping the long ball most of the time but after being on the field for 40 minutes you kind of get tired. Meanwhile I am pretty sure the offense didn't even have to shower after the game.

Gable: has to go
Banks: has to go BIG TIME
Collars: has to sit out a game or two and deflate; Masoli cannot do any worse!
Austin: has to go; but who will replace him? It is very hard to find a coach that uses the same game plan week after week and never wins, they are rare.

But on the up side, maybe we can bring back the 1949 Wildcat team as alumni for a winless season at year end, have a big party.