Austin has lost his marbles beacause....

He let Collaros come out to start the second half.
Should have been pulled in second quarter, maybe sooner.

And he punts with 10 seconds left?

I agree with “sooner.” Like 2 or 3 games ago would have been the right time.

I said it in the game thread and I’ll say it here. Anyone that thinks this is on the qb it so out of touch you’re better off just not posting.

The backup qb has always been the most popular player on the team but the hate for Collaros is becoming absurd. This team (especially on O) severely lacks talent. Look no further than last year’s week 1 receivers and who we marched out there last night.
SJ Green and Duron Carter are making NFL style catches and i can’t even name our starters from week to week.

In 2003 Ticat fans were so done with Danny McManus and the fact that he was over the hill…our best receiver was Andrew English. In 2004 we signed some receivers and he threw 5000 yards and 29 TDs.

Jeremiah Masoli is a nice QB. A career back up that is prone to fumbles and ints. Let’s not pretend we have Tom Brady sitting there and Austin is too foolish to see it.

Austin however is to blame for having no talent on offense that scares anyone. After all it’s his front office that let this happen. Right now McDaniel/Grant/Giguere would look better along side Tasker than this.

I agree with you but at some point you have to mix it up. It is just a sign of Austin’s stubborness and how they have let him get out of touch with reality. Please, if anything play back up to have him prepared if there is an injury to zach.

No…its a sign that we are likely worse off with him in there.
You don’t “mix it up” for the sake of it if he isn’t the problem. He eventually switched to Masoli, who by the way did nothing against Calgarys backups.
More proof that who plays qb is not the problem with this team.

IMO, Collaros is not THE problem, but his poor play so far this season is certainly a good-sized piece of the Cat's problem on offence. While I respect, and always find interest in reading, the opinions of others who see it differently, I'll point out that both panelists on last night's game telecast, whose experience I certainly respect, made post-game comments which would suggest their opinions, on his play, are similar to mine.

Call me fortunate but the last play that i caught live before putting on the PVR was 2nd and 2 Cats. (Went to watch the UFC) Score 0-0 and Thyms received a tough ball on 2nd and 2 and couldnt hall it in. A first down that you must make early in the ball game. The play before that was 1st and 5 and #89 ran a wide 3 yard out that he made a tough long contested catch on. It is this kind of play calling that i am sure helped lead to the disaster that was.
If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it is broke you had better fix it.
Good Bye to our DC who has had 5 consecutive horrible results.

Gable is actually a talented offensive threat and it was shown briefly last night but he only uses him in to block predominantly. Actually benched him the last game for the flash in the pan Sheurerman.

He doesn't call a pass play more than 3 yards down field no matter what the situation. 3 x 3 = 9.
While on the subject, he hires an offensive co-ordinator who he doesn't let touch the play book.

2nd and 7, make the pass at least 8 yards or even 6 not 3 or 4 yards.. When the ball it caught make it in 1st down territory not needing 3 or more yards YAC to get the first down!

McDaniel was released under Bellefeuille in 2011, so you can’t pin that on Austin.

Giguere has been under 500 yards every year since he left Hamilton.

I’ll agree with you about Grant, though. I’m a big fan of Grant.

Agreed. There are other, glaring problems on this team.

When Finch returned the kick for a TD, that’s when the team needed Collaros, who is their leader on O, to step up & respond. He didn’t. Instead, you could almost feel the team deflate after that.

I love Collaros & thought when we signed him that we were finally going to have the kind of team we were all dreaming we could have. I don’t know what his problem is, but it’s pretty clear there’s SOMETHING going on with him. Replacing him with Masoli immediately after may have kept us in the game if he managed to move the ball.

That being said, Tyms & Elliott were both invisible out there. Kind of hard to win in this league without quality receivers.

He's going to get Tasker killed. See Tasker thread.

We need to let Zach work this out a little more. Take as much time as he needs to find a rhythm. No hurry. If Austin was serious, he would have had him in the second quarter with 3 mins left to get loose for the second half. That was disrespectful to both guys leaving Zach in that long. Did anyone see the 2015 EF?

What I find funny is a few weeks ago the stories were all about how there was "tension" between Austin and Collaros. So many people on this board believed it and of course Austin was to blame.
Fast forward 2 weeks... a heartbreaking loss and a blowout... Now Austin and Collaros are so tight that Austin is stubborn and won't bench him. And of course Austin is to blame.

He yelled in frustration, I don’t call that tension. The tension is losing every week. In fact, I have never seen such unwavering devolution to a guy.

HA, just watch a Blue Jay game and watch Gibbons roll out the corpse that used to be Jose Bautista in the leadoff spot night after night. Now that is devotion!!

It’s not necessarily that specific incident that is the source of the alleged “tension”. It could be that Zach thinks that Austin’s schemes are ridiculous/not working & that it should be changed, but Austin insists on trying the same thing. It could be 100 things that we have no way of knowing about. It could be that Austin is frustrated because Zach’s not making the right reads or placing the ball where it needs to go, or recognizing blitz. It might be as simple as a former QB hating it when he got pulled in the past & not wanting to treat his QB that way.

Of course a certain amount of tension is from losing every week. More is probably because they can’t figure out how to fix it.

When the Suitor story broke there were a ton of people that believed it. Lots of posts here and in game threads about how there was infighting, etc.

In reality we have a HC/QB team trying to figure this thing out together and I’m a fan of that.