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Austin has offer to coach Rebels offense 1/16/2008 5:56:41 AM Daily Journal

Saskatchewan Roughriders coach Kent Austin has been offered the offensive coordinator position at Ole Miss, according to a source familiar with the search.

Austin, an Ole Miss quarterback from 1981-1985, led the Roughriders to the CFL championship this season, his first as coach.

In the time since Austin’s name surfaced as a candidate, Saskatchewan general manager Eric Tillman, also an Ole Miss alum, has been putting together what has been termed a “very attractive? offer to keep Austin in the CFL.

The offensive coordinator position is the only remaining vacancy on the staff of new Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt.

The vacancy occurred when David Lee, Nutt’s coordinator at Arkansas last season, accepted a job with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Lee was Austin’s quarterbacks coach for his first two seasons at Ole Miss, and he suggested that Nutt interview Austin.
Austin, 44, is expected to have a decision by the end of the week.

  • Parrish Alford
Riders have a news conference called for 12:00 at which time they'll announce Kent Austin is stepping down as coach. I'm certain 620 CKRM will carry it live...


Bad news for Riderville.
I'm guessing Richie will get the nod as Head Coach. Can't see him being happy if they bring anyone else in above him. He has paid his dues.

I'm curius how a lot of Players are gonna take this. Guys like Holmes and Joseph.

Oh will Life will go on. And hey we are still the GREY CUP CHAMPIONS

Well, I guess he had to weigh all his options......More money, Riders not scheduled to win a Grey Cup until 2079, etc, etc,

Ritchie Hall seems the logical choice. Sure we can't interest you in Joe Paopao? :wink: :wink:

Price of success. As said, 2079 the next scheduled date for a Rider GC victory so don't blame him. :wink:

…start printing up them ‘Austin Sucks’ t-shirts…nah, justing kidding…

…tough loss for the greenies, but Hall would be a good second choice…

…but personally I’m hoping Tillman brings in John “YEE HAW” Jenkins and Forrest “'course I know my quarterback’s name” Gregg…

I don't think Money really was the issue. Cfl just put up the article about the Riders giving Austin an extension with a pay raise. He was gonna be one of thehighest paid coaches in the cfl, if not highest that isn't a GM.
I think it had to do with him being closer to his home, you can't really measure that. Also I get the impression that he is a driven man who wants to advance, and the College ranks is a very good place to advance himself to maybe get to the NFL or NCAA head coaching ranks, which is highly lucrative.
I don't blame him, I mean if the oppurtunity is there you kind have to take it. He wouldn't have gotten the same shake if it was some other school.
Good luck Kent.

Ok Rider fans time to order the manure truck to Austins neighbors house. Kidding!
I thought it was going to happen by the weekend that his agent would take the time to go over a contract but it was fast. You do not go down to listen about your gffuture. Good move on Austins part and Coach Richie should do a good job. PeeU the truck is coming.

I guess with a press conference in about an hour, we'll know for sure then.
As of right now, we have competing newsreports--some say the news conference will be to announce his resignation; some say it will announce him signing a new contract with the Riders.

Either way, the sun will set this evening, and rise again tomorrow.
If Kent resigns, Richie Hall would be the logical candidate for the job, but then ET is not particularly a man of logic, so we'll wait and see...

All I can say is I want Richie Hall as our Head Coach. I'll be pissed off if he isnt.

He is their Offensive Coordinator, quit kidding yourself lol

...seriously Arius, TSN is reporting a done deal with Ol' Miss...don't believe what your parakeet is telling you....

Kent is very consistant during the game, but it seems hes very Inconsistant off the field. Oh well, we'll be upset when he comes back after being fired at Ole Miss, but then when he wins us another grey cup we'll be happy again :slight_smile: . See ya in a few years Kent'll be even more pissed when they announce JOHN JENKINS!!!!!!....YEE HAW, Run and Shoot!!!! me these here kickin cowboy boots and it's time to skedaddle down Albert Street in them..."YAAA HOOO"!!!!....

Man, if it's not Richie Hall, Ill be just pissed regardless of who it is :lol:

All I said, was there are various news stories out there, and they will not all be correct:

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It sounds like he is going south; we'll know for sure in about 30 minutes or so.
Personally, I think Kent did a terrific job for us and I would prefer for him to stay on.
On the other hand, I do find it interesting that when he was first hired, people questioned his loyalty; whether or not he truly wanted to be here. All we heard about was that was not an issue--he wanted to be here and was here for the long haul.

Now we will find out the truth of the matter.

I think you already know the truth.

...I stand corrected, sorry about that Arius....well, this will be interesting to say the the old Dire Straights song says: "two men say they're Jesus, one of them must be wrong"....

He apparently told Nutt late last night he would accept the job. Thats previous to the press conference...

Austin wins in 89...and leaves; he wins in 07...and leaves.

Anybody see a pattern emerging here?

...YUP...all of those coaches who say they just love the community their living in, look like they are only paying 'lip service' in their present surroundings till their 'real love' comes along...and a lot of extra cash to boot...tough to turn down....i wonder if Austin has mixed feelings about the rider fans do....Ritchie Hall should get the nod as head man....if not ...i predict there'll be more than mixed feelings in riderville... :wink: