Austin Finally Put Game On Gables Shoulders

Finally a much more balanced game plan then putting it all on back or should I say arm of inexperienced QB's.
Gable was utilized and responded with a great second half!
C.J. has big enough shoulders to carry this team..!

Masoli hung in and kept us close as Mathews did earlier in the year...but sprinkle in a little more Gable and we got the right out come today!

In Masoli (and Gable) we Trust!

When is this rookie offense going to realize "NOT" to go up the middle...we were very lucky to night...Austin and his old 60's up-the middle- crap does not have to be done now...QB could have walked around the wide side from 8 yds at the film!! Never go up the middle when you have a 65 yd wide field...Austin is so american...& never throw the side line out...ever hear of a pix-six...we won & it's great besides the screw ups by the offense coaching!!!!

Never did make sense throwing a side out for a 5 yard gain. The offensive game plan was terrible, surely with all the motion allowed you can move the sticks consistently with runs and 5 to 10 yard passes. The Argos defense is poor, and they take too many penalties. Cats better bring a lot more next week or it will be a blow out.

Very conservative play calling today by Austin. Thank goodness we won the coin toss. Having the breeze in the 4th was a big difference.
The only play call I really questioned was when Austin subbed out Masolli after the INT I thought he should have put Masolli back in on the 3rd and 1 gamble that we failed on miserably.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with sending some of your runs up the middle. Even on the CFL field, outside runs get strung out into nothing far more often than they go for big gains, but people have selective memories.

I think they adjusted nicely second half especially the lateral to the left side for a decent gain.
I'll admit Austin has been stubborn.
Throwing Harris in there sure let the air out of the stadium...almost cost us the game!
Sacked for a 7 yard loss in a big field position fight.

There was never any intention of leaving Harris in the game from what I can gather. After all he had NO reps in practice this past week. That sack that he took reminded me of Mathews in the last game or two that he played still trying to make his reads or find an open receiver.

. Send your resume to The Hamilton Tiger Cats Football Club, Hamilton On. Austin has done such a terrible job this year a GM and head coaching job will surely be open after next weekend! :thdn:

Such silly people post here sometimes ............relic7 can tell you have never played 1 snap of any sort of football

Also looking at his post I think English is not his first language.

It's so nice that you know so much about me or assume too like so many so-called experts !! Just a quick check, I wasn't all that great but did play from grade 7 to 13 and coached the offense for 11 years later in life with my local high school. But as you know me better I'll just humour you and say "Cheers"......looking forward to the game in Ottawa!

Thank you for noticing...Unlike Oh so many posters that go on with silly jargon I just save the reader's time. News flash: these are called "posts" not thanks again!!

No thank-you, I believe it doesn't pay enough for me to do it...but thanks for the complement !

Just wondering why all the negativity after a win. God knows there's time enough for that after a loss. Cut the players and coaching staff a little slack. Especially after a win.

I can't believe that you're this angry after our team won the EDSF against such high odds. You seriously need help...

You have missed my point.I am thrilled about the win and only saying that why make a win so difficult with risky 3rd down tries up the middle when the entire stadium knows the play is coming.We were very lucky with the Masoli touchdown but why not mix it up a bit? Well the team will need all the football Gods on their side in Ottawa so here's hoping !! I'll be at that game cheering them on...Cheers to all the Cat fans!!

I heard on the 1150 post game show that after the first 2 series Fantuz and Grant came off the field yelling we have to change our offensive play calls to hand signals. They don't know how but the Argos know their plays.

Amazing...please keep us informed.

Seriously,I heard the same thing. The team had established hand signals to make changes depending on the looks they got from the defense. However, whenever they used the signals to adjust, the TO defense seemed to know just what changes they were making and adjusted accordingly. Apparently on the sidelines during the game they made changes to the signals which seemed to solve the problems. All of this according to Marshall Ferguson who was on the sidelines as he generally is during the game so I'm assuming he would know.

They funny thing is that I saw an article last week, I think on the TSN site, about the Argos posting lookouts outs around their practice field who were supposedly on the keeping an eye out for "Ticats spies"! Maybe it wasn't the Ticats who did the "spying"! :wink: That last sentence of course is pure speculation on my part!

On Marsh & Milton today Ferguson said that Fantuz & Grant were also yelling "we know what you're doing!" at Stala as they came off. He must be still familiar enough with the signals that he was able to relay it to the defence.