Austin drops out of final three for Bomber job!

Austin won't jump ship

According to earlier reports, Ottawa defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall and Montreal offensive co-ordinator Doug Berry are also being considered. -- Toronto offensive co-ordinator, Kent Austin, believed to be one of three finalists for the head coaching vacancy in Winnipeg, informed Bomber officials Tuesday that he will be remaining with the Argonauts, according to Sportnet's Football Insider, Eric Tillman.

Austin, who expressed his gratitude to the Bombers for the consideration, cited his happiness with the Argonaut organization as the major factor in his decision-making process. Others, of course, will point to the uncertain future of Bomber general manager Brendan Taman as a contributing factor. Taman, who is very well-liked within the CFL fraternity, is entering the final year of his contract.

The Bombers search, being lead by Taman and his boss, team COO Lyle Bauer, is expected to name a new head coach before Christmas.

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i If Berry and Marshall don't take the job, maybe Taman will rehire Daley...LOL

Why not give Chris Walby a chance to be head coach, couldn't hurt.

I agree, Austin is a **************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin probably dropped out because he had an inkling that he wasn’t going to get the job anyways, and with his huge ego decided that he would make the decision to opt out rather than be told he was not the winning candidate.

...right on supersmith.....could have been he just got a raise in T.O....influencing his decision as well.....reports also say his daughter is just going into grade up-rooting her at this time would not be great...but in the end I think his decision was reached because he knew his experience as coach wasn't good enough to compete with the talent the Bombers were interviewing...and maybe like Paopao was told ain't gonna make it... :arrow:

aww this sucks....We mind as well just get Taman as our Head Coach

...if you want Taman as head-coach Hallu....we are doomed.....I'm having a problem with him just doing his own job....he better get it right...or good-bye Brendan..I think he sees the writing on the wall ....probably that's why he is taking so bloody long in hiring the new coach...and thankfully there is other input in the hiring... besides Taman... :roll:

I think Taman thought they would line up for the job. Again they should have started at the top down or this is the result. Stamps did the same thing as the bombers and well we all know about that problem.