Austin Didn't Blow it!

I guess if Austin blew it last week. He won it this week. When it was still close and he showed confidence in his offence by going for it on third and goal...Tongue in cheek's ultimately the players who decide the outcome of games. Last week if Zach doesn't throw the pick that ties the game the last few seconds are irrelevant.

Last week, it seemed that doing a running play over passing was the prudent thing to do.

At that moment last night, perhaps, the prudent thing would have been to kick the field goal. If I were the decision maker, that would have been my choice. Instead, our coach went for the big one, and GOT IT.

Sometimes, you win them and don't.

He has courage and faith in those around him. I admire that.

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Discipline is still a factor. He can't expect the players to show restraint when he can't.

Agreed. Kent did tone it down for a while. He may need to remind himself again.

Austin's style seems to be to go for the jugular, even if that is the riskier play. Last week, he saw an opportunity to put the game away with the bomb to Grant, and if not for the ball getting hung up in the wind, it probably would have worked. This week, he goes for it on third and goal. In both cases, he probably looked at the risk - in one case giving Calgary an extra fifteen seconds to work the ball down field, and in the other giving Winnipeg the ball deep in their own end.

Gutsy calls both, but also showing his team that he has faith in them.

I loved the 3rd and goal call, and not just in hindsight now that it worked. This is a team that has struggled to produce in the red zone for a long while now. It's the 1st quarter, our D has looked terrific to start the year, and we're on the Bombers 3. Go ahead and start unwinding the curse of the red zone with a major. If you fail you've got a ton of game to recover. If you succeed you've started to cure what ails you most. Great call and perfect result!

It certainly was a good call and I find myself always wishing we would go for it on third down in a situation like that. I am happy he did it and it gave the players confidence.

It was the perfect time and place to get the 3000lb monkey off their back.

@TeddyFay - Why am I not surprised that you simply HAVE to find something to complain about the day after a win? #Only in Hamilton, #SMH...

I remember those 1 and 2 victory seasons too well. KA is fiery and emotional. Wouldn't change a thing. Not that long ago it was suggested that the trainers go around between quarters and check the coaching staff for a collective pulse. Not this coaching staff. Austin, Reinebold, and Steinauer, these guys are intense, animated, and infectious. As a player if something comes up on the field that doesn't go my way I know that I don't have to yap at the official because Coach will (yap) take it up with him. And by the same token if I screw up I know IMMEDIATELY what I've done and will try not to let it happen again.The only negative thing I would say about Austin's coaching is that he's probably a better GM then he is a coach. And he's a DARN good coach.

During one of Brandon Bank's punt return touchdowns in last season's eastern final, they showed a brief clip of Coach Reinebold's reaction on the sidelines. He looked to be jumping up and down, huge smile on his face with arms out to hug his players.

That one scene told me all I need to know about the man.

I smile everytime I see it. It made that play all the more fun to watch and remember.

A coach showing POSITIVE emotion on the sidelines is not the issue. My concern is Austin ' s rants on the sidelines when something does not go his way. They had one bench unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in that game. His chawing at the refs and storming up and down the sidelines can produce the opposite effects to what you want. IMO, it sets a bad example to his players.

Football is a game of high (but controlled) emotions. I think KA knows this and will improve as the season progresses (as he seemed to last year). Uncontrolled emotions do have a place - to fire up his players, for example - but like anything in life have to used judiciously. Since he has been very successful in this league as a head coach I tend to cut him a little slack regarding his tirades. When (and I don't believe it will happen) his teams start having more failures than successes I will be concerned.


Austin will take the penalties and fines for yelling at the refs so his players won’t have to…

Austin time and again puts the game into the players' hands. He calls a play that requires proper execution with big dividends and he always has faith that the guys will pull through. If it fails, it's him that takes the heat.

That. Right there. Is how you get players to buy into your system and to follow you into hell.

Prove to me that yelling at a ref by anyone helps or gives an advantage to the team.

Perhaps you don't recall Jim Barker yelling at the linesman that Plesius was lined up off-side during the Cats' goal line stand in the Sky Dump last year? :slight_smile:

Yes I do. That was prior to a play and the rules were changed to prevent team personnel being where he was located. Was he not fined as well? Austin tirades are after a call has been made.

Yes, but your question was Prove to me that yelling at a ref by anyone helps or gives an advantage to the team. and I gave you an example where it did. Because he was fined that shows the league believed he gave the blew team an advantage by yelling at the linesman. If they did not think so they would not have fined him.


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