Austin causes some heart ache ......... again

Well off Austin goes into the sun set again.

I understand why he left and I do f=eel that he is choice is justified. I just for once saw that the Riders had the chance to become a top teir competitor with Austin under the helm and I was hoping to see a Wally buono type of team building occuring here in Riderville. Not to say that can't still happen, it just seemed almost certain with Austin at the helm.

I sure hope that ET gives Ritchie the oportunity he deserves, one thins that we need to do is maintain the majority of the assistans.

All I can say is:

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Richie is an assistant and a darn good one...always will be, but he is not the man for the head coaching job.

I’m with j_man on this one. Richie Hall all the way! If not Richie Hall, anyone but George Cortez. But I’ll respect Tillman’s decision whatever it maybe. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt.

"Nice guys" don't necessarily make ideal Head Coaches, we learned that wiht DB, I was friends with his son, I knew him fairly well..nicest guy you will likely ever meet but not head coach material and IMO Hall would be the same type of coach.

I disagree.

Even if Richie Hall is considered a nice guy, take a look last year when 2 "nice guy" coaches in the NFL made it to the Superbowl.

You can have a coach that takes that approach as long as he can be accountable as well, something Danny wasn't.

I was in the Regina Airport waiting for my delayed flight to depart when I heard the news about the Austin departure. Frankly, I was mad. The 5 hour wait for my flight to leave had me in a poor enough mood and then this.

Austin had a successful season with the Riders last year but let's face it he didn't finish what he started here and bailed before proving that last year's success was not a fluke but that he was capable to developing a consistent contender.

The timing is also terrible because we still have free agents to sign before Feb 15 and they are probably going to hold out until they know who the new head coach will be.

All the best to him and his family. He did help lift us out the depths of mediocrity that our team had become accustomed to. I hope the Riders are able to find someone capable of continuing what Austin began.