Austin Called The Right Play To Win...Twice!

And I haven't seen a Ti-Cat coach do that in a long, long, long time!!!

The players drops of the balls are not his fault. Awesome back and forth game. When this team gells and all our rookie talents get fully familiar with the CFL game it's gonna be a great year!!!

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Yup...The play calling was sound...The execution wasn't...

And no pen chewing ! :thup: :lol:

Remember, we had two starters on D pulled from the game with injury. Plus, we have the kid from Laval, the kid from Boise State (both rotational DL), and DB Courtney Stevens and MLB Marcellus Bowman (who both would have been a starters on D tonight) all on the injury list...once they are healed, it will make a difference on D.

Ray is awesome...even the best D will not shut him down completely. We could have won, and Austin will adjust personnel and schemes accordingly to improve the team each week.

I wouldn't call the Fantuz play a drop. The call required Burris to try to force the ball to a receiver who turned out to be well covered. Because of the close coverage, Burris had to try and place the ball in a spot that would stretch Fantuz, and Fantuz wasn't able to make what would have been a highlight-reel catch.

Ultimately the loss again boiled down to our D's inability to put any pressure on the opposing QB.

I think he is referring to the screen pass to Gable. An easy 6 if caught.

I think Austin made some great calls all night long, not just the ones mentioned here. From the offensive side, I think we have some great things to look forward to this season. Steinauer isn’t Creehan and he will make the necessary adjustments especially when we get some injured guys back. Very impressed with some the the new guys.

The cats hit the goal post an a FG attempt earlier in the game. Had they made that, they would have trailed by 2 late instead of 5. Surely they would have gotten a short FG for the win rather than attempting a TD pass.

Was Austin making the calls?

i thought TSN was saying that Condell, the OC, called the last play. Austin was waiting for it.

8) Tommy Condell is the OC and is in the spotters box. He is the guy calling most of the plays, and relaying them down
    to Austin on the sideline.

    You are right Capt.

How do you figure? Easy catch, no one around, a certain game winning touchdown. Completely Gable's fault, IMO.

Hey Cap'n
I think that the OP is saying that Austin is not to blame for the dropped balls.
And yes Gable HAS TO CATCH THAT BALL!!!!!!

Oh..never mind. :oops:

(Not to nitpick, but that's not what he said. but I think you're right, in that that's what he meant to say)

The game was the Cats to win. Poor execution in not catching the ball. Burris still cannot throw the long ball.

Yeah that 66 yard hookup from Burris to Fantuz yesterday in the first quarter, what a chincy little pass that was.... :?

Shhhhhhh! Don't go bringin' yer fancy "facts" into this. :wink:

Only the first game in the year, essentially the 3rd pre-season game in terms of preparation. Gable turned before he secured the ball, which I will chalk up to the excitement of the moment. Hopefully he learns from the experience.

I will say this, coaching won’t be the weak link of the team this year.

Offense and special Teams looked fine last night. We need an injury free defense and some tweaking in that area as well
and we'll do well this season.

I could only hear the game on the radio. Next day, in the morning, we had to leave for Ottawa for the Canada Day festivities, so I couldn`t watch the game.

I hope to sit down with it today.

Meantime, from what I heard, there were execution mistakes and injuries that hobbled us in that game, but Hamilton was in it right up to the last play of the game. I was proud of how this team battled through it.

I have every confidence that Kent Austin and his people will make the necessary adjustments to bring this team along. Yes, Steinauer is not Creehan, thank goodness, and will fix the holes in our D line and secondary.

Looking ahead to Edmonton, anxious, but excitedly.