Austin Blew it!!!!

Again, and again....Austin can't figure out how to manage the clock!
Run on second down, kill 20 seconds, and that game is over.

Wake up Kent.

That was a HUGE mistake...even if we kick into the endzone, they have less than 30 seconds left, and the two sacks we got might have been a safety...

I like how he has that "go-for-it" mentality, but there was a time to do the smart thing.

It's easy to second guess after the fact. If they run the ball, get stuffed, and Calgary wins everyone would say it was a gutless call and playing not to lose.

If it works you're a genius, if it doesn't you're a bum.

Nope. It's basic football. You run, you kill 20 seconds. He blew his timeouts in the Grey Cup and he still hasn't learned.

I would agree, I thought it was the wrong decision. Calgary had burned their timeout, run the ball and keep the clock running, even if they punt Calgary only has 20 seconds left.
The deep pass was there but it's a low percentage play.
Wrong call.

Terrible call. He blew the game. He expects more from his players, he needs to deliver more. Wake up Kent.

I agree...the coaches blew it. Run 20 seconds off all they have is 30-40 many times is Austin going to do this before he learns....

I have to disagree. If Bakari makes the catch, which he should have as it was in his hands, we praise the call. Austin put his player in a position to make a play and he didn't.

If anything, it was the 3 and 17 with a 3 man rush that blew the game.

No need to try. Run, and its over. You can only win a game once, and they had it won and Austin had a brain cramp with time management, again.

Agree. I was surprised at the deep pass call. They had done such a good job to get the ball almost to FG range. On 2nd and 9 with less than a minute, the clock is your best friend. Hand it off and help it run down. Who cares about the field position at that point, it's a coffin corner punt regardless (which rolled into the endzone anyways). If the Stamps get the ball back with even 10 fewer seconds than they did they would not have made FG range. Remember, Calgary used their timeout with about 1:30 to go. They SHOULD have been hooped out of time.

Agreed. Running in that situation isn't gutless, it's sound fundamental football. Going for the jugular there seems like more of an ego-based decision.

If anything, it was the 3 and 17 with a 3 man rush that blew the game.

This play too... when the previous blitzes were successful... should've kept up the pressure on Mitchell.

The Offence Blew it!! No scoring from the offence, that had such high touted wide receivers in UNderwood, Banks, Toliver, Fantuz, Grant and company and you can’t score a TD in the game on offence.

This needs to be fixed and fixed fast or it will be a long season of losing games because we couldn’t put TD’s on the board on offence like any other good team does.

i could care less that Collaros threw for 280 yards whatever if he can’t march his team down and score a TD something is wrong, it’s either his calling, lack of communication or bad calls from the coaches whatever, it needs to be fixed and fixed fast!!

There was another coaching decision, earlier in the game that I questioned, but I'm not sure about a rule on the particular play. With about 7 minutes left in the first half, Maver's 84 yd. punt went over Banks' head, bounced into the end zone, and Banks was tackled there, giving Calgary a single point. However, the Stamps were called for no yards when Banks' picked up the bouncing ball. The Cats declined that penalty and took the ball at their 35. The single point cut Hamilton's lead, at that point, to 5 pts. (15-10). Question: If the no yards penalty had not been declined, where would the ball have then been scrimmaged? Or, in other words, how many yards did the Tiger-Cats get, in exchange for giving Calgary that point?

well the point would have been awarded regardless unless Banks were to run it out (slim chance) however the no-yards penalty in this scenario is just 5 yards to be applied at the 10 yard line.

so by declining the penalty the Cats scrimmaged at their own 35 which makes perfect sense.

The whole game while Ham lead I was wondering what ridiculous BS way Cal was going to win this game at the last minute, a fifty yard field goal . :cowboy:

I too, was very disappointed with Austin's decision to pass. :thdn:

Oh, I long for the day when we don't tar and feather a Grey Cup reaching coach after a single close loss, vs the champs, in an away game, with a slew of injuries who ends up taking the game to the last play of the game.

I appreciate your response to my question, tangledweb. It sent me searching for a rule book. I found a 2013 version and, the way I read it, if the Cats had not declined the penalty, there would have been no score on the play and the ball would be placed at the 15 yd. line. If that's true, is/was the difference of 20 yds. in field position, at that point in the game, with a 6 point lead, worth giving away a single point? I'd say no. But, maybe that's with hindsight after losing the game by a (that) single point.

Giving Calgary the wind In 2nd and 4th quarter unforgivable. The three man rush a killer.