Austin and the Offensive Coordinator

Offensive coordinator under Kent currently sounds like the worst job in the league. If you hired Ptaszek and told him he would be calling plays this year, why take that power away from him after one game. And why all the uncertainty over who's calling plays now?

I like Kent Austin, but was Tommy Condell right to get out of here when he did?

Ptaszek Will be gone with a nervous breakdown a paid personal stress leave , imagine working with Fire cracker Austin directly he is probably thinking why did I take this position to be berated and disrespected where in CIS I was a somebody!

To be fair, if Drew wasn't trying to turn this into a story, nobody would even know about it. If Austin felt he needed to take back the reigns temporarily before handing them back to Ptaszek, the whole affair would be less humiliating for Ptaszek if Drew didn't call people's attention to it.

Makes one wonder why we even bothered hiring an OC in the first place ? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why Ptaszek was appointed for an apparent vacant coaching position opening when it seems in reality that apparently there was never an opening at the position at all . It's like all Austin needs Ptaszek around for is so he has someone to carry his clipboard , sharpen his pencils and get him his coffee. It's really becoming much clearer to me why Condell left so abruptly and got the Hell out of Dodge when he did . It seems like Austin in respect to wearing too many hats in reality wants to wear ALL the hats and then some .

All I know is one thing , and that is if I was Ptaszek , I would be also getting out of Dodge(much like his predecessor) at the first opportunity that comes up with Sheriff Austin running the entire show like he's some crazed "One Man Band" :?

Disagree. If you watch Austin's presser from July 11 on, you'll see him dance around the playcalling question without ever actually answering it, then get impatient that Edwards keeps asking him for clarification.

I like Austin, but I'm really tired of the stock, b.s. answers he gives to the press. He clearly doesn't like being questioned on his judgment, which may be the biggest problem.

Unfortunately, Ptaszek has signed a contract...the only way out is if he gets offered a promotion from another team, or to simply wait until it has expired. It should be pointed out that he likely won't get offered any other position from another team when he's unable to demonstrate what he's done with ours. I don't envy the guy's position.

safety: C'mon. It's Drew's job to report on this stuff! He is not a PR man for the Tiger-Cats...and should not be.

You may be right.
However, Drew is just trying to set the record straight.
If you read the Collaros remarks below:

“I don’t think it affects me at all. I’m just doing what I’m coached to do and I think that’s really all I can be asked to do,? Collaros said. “I would feel comfortable with coach Austin or coach Ptaszek. That’s not a decision for me to make.?

my gut feel is that right now, he is not comfortable with either. He says he is, but that is a kind way of saying: 'please, get me out of this mess..' without jeopardizing his career.
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Agreed mr62cats. It's pretty standard for football reporters to report on who is calling the plays for any team. If there's a change in who's calling plays, it's always newsworthy.

Agreed mr62cats. It's pretty standard for football reporters to report on who is calling the plays for any team. If there's a change in who's calling plays, it's always newsworthy.

8) Austin seems to forget that it is the season ticket holders who are paying him his salary, and they want to know what
  is going on with the daily operations of their team !!  Can you blame them ??   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Austin makes George Cortez look like a saint when dealing with the daily media questions, and his reply to same, when
  he doesn't like the question !!

   As far as I'm concerned, as I said in another thread,  Ptezak was very foolish to give up his great gig with Mac to come
   to this circus !!  He had a secure, long time job at Mac, with no worries about his future  !!

    I would be willing to bet that Ptezak is already having second thoughts about his decision  to leave Mac    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Are we really being critical of Coach Austin's press conferences now ? Would you rather hear "We're on to Cincinnati. We're on to Cincinnati". Come on!

Cat fans need a win just to stop the O Co-ordinator speculation, the QB speculation, the O Line , etc., etc. . As much as I disliked Al Davis, let's just win baby and all will be good again in Hamilton. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who hopes Muddy Waters arrives in town sooner rather than later)

If it were as simple as you make it out to be to fix, do you really think we would be 0-2 right now?

But why hire an Offensive co-ordinator with zero CFL experience and coming from the CIS???
Austin probably thinks that Ptazek is not ready and he's way over his head.
They should have hired someone that has experience coaching in the NCAA or NFL.

I agree. Tooooooo often in the sports world (political world too) the media brings up contraversy that may not even be there. I think this is one of those issues. And then such contraversy infiltrates team in other areas and chaos/dissention results. Hope this doesn't go there.

Report yes but he shouldn't conjur up BS like he had here. He can earn a pay-cheque without the BS....... or maybe not!


Bob Young says it's more important to "entertain" fans than to win football games. It's OK to lose games as long as it's "entertaining".

Right on Bob! Argo and Rider fans couldn't agree more and Lions fans are also ready to help you prove your point...

Maybe he could report on the new cheerleading routines. Or what kind of protein shake Ryan Bomben likes.

I don't recall saying it was simple to win. What I was suggesting is that a win might calm everybody's nerves and allow the less lucid fans to realize that it's a long season and we have miles to go before we sleep!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)