Austin and power

Poor Bob Young ,I am a massive supporter of this unselfish man.
I cannot hold my tongue anymore.
Someone said Scott Mitchell was a football guy.
I have been around the game and have never heard of him doing anything in the game at any level for someone to recommend this gentleman run this team.
I know he is ex commissioner's son.
Then they give an overrated coach the keys to everything.
Kent Austin was a former player in Regina and when they won the cup.
He was a god there and they love football so the league heard it.
He has too much power not enough football sense and I can prove it.
But tired and I am not going to be negative anymore.....Bob I hope you get to hoist it one day because you deserve it.

Well said! I feel for bob. People on football side are not living up to expectation. It would be unfortunate if he bailed without achieving on fielderly success.

I felt for Bob Young yrs ago. I know longer do. He said he had 5 yr plan and we are now way beyond that. The same mistakes in hiring management and coaches has continued from day 1 until now.

Austin :Tillman Mafia!
Blame the players !